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How to Increase E-commerce Revenue Using Payment Orchestration Platform

Each online merchant strives to grow business and increase profits. There is no better way to do it than by choosing the right payment solution since it affects the conversion rate and processing costs.

Alexandra Dolia


What is Payment Reconciliation?

Every business needs to track its financial activities to achieve growth and operational efficiency. The best way to ensure the foundation of your financial operations is to maintain proper financial records by tracking every payment.

Vladimir Kuiantsev


3D Secure: How to Level Up Your Payment System

With the rise of online transactions, so too comes growth in the rate of online payment fraud. According to estimates, eCommerce lost around $20 billion in 2021.

Alexandra Dolia


How to Boost your PSP by Using White-Label Software

One of the most common problems with PSP businesses is that despite all the efforts and financial expenditure, they cannot achieve the desired conversion. Most of the time, small business owners lack the technology that the payment giants possess.

Anastasiia Brener


How Much does it Cost to Develop Own Payment Gateway

It may not have occurred to you, but the payment gateway is already integral to our daily routine. Each time you order goods in an online store or pay a bill through your smartphone, the payment gateway is in charge.

Vladimir Kuiantsev


Payment Gateway Business Model – Full 2022 Guide

The business model of a payment gateway is based on the percentage and/or fixed fee that the merchant pays from each transaction. The amount of charge depends on the transaction mode.

Alexandra Dolia


How a Payment Gateway Works

The payment gateway is one of the main components of the payment process. Its function is to gather and transfer the data between the client, the merchant, the acquiring and issuing banks, and the card networks.

Andrew Riabchuk


How to Create Professional Payment Page with Examples

Before the client makes a payment, there is only one last step - the payment page. This section of the website is crucial because the page shapes the client’s buying experience.

Vladimir Kuiantsev


How do Payment Processors Make Money – Full Financial Model

Paying by credit card, a client only manages to blink while the payment is already done. In the meantime, a complex ecosystem of players is in action. However, how exactly payment processors earn on transactions may not be so clear.

Alexandra Dolia


What is One Click Payments?

One-click payments can be a real gem for your business stimulating the flow of new customers and boosting the loyalty of the existing ones.

Anastasiia Brener