Smart Routing and Cascading | Akurateco White-Label Payment Gateway

Boost Your Transaction Approval Rate

Benefit from a fine-tuned route for every transaction to increase your conversion rate and improve your customer’s checkout experience.

Prevent Declined Transactions

With smart routing, we’ll help you route transactions to channels most likely to approve them to avoid declines.

Distribute Declined Transactions

We’ll help you distribute declined transactions between multiple payment channels and help you keep track of decline reasons for enhanced analytics.

Create A Seamless Payment Experience

Enjoy the advantages of smart routing and cascading creating a smooth and seamless payment experience with every single transaction.

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Set Up Your Own Payment Routing

Choose different rules to route and distribute different transactions by regions, IPs, BINs, currencies, payment volumes, solutions, etc.

Improve Transaction Approval At Desired Regions

Customize routing through specific payment methods and solutions to improve the conversion ratio for transactions at a specific region.

Why Smart Routing Is Important

Allow your merchants to increase the number of approved transactions to grow their brand image and strengthen their credit reputation.

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