PayFac as a Service

Establish your own payment facilitator service complete with a dedicated payment team at your disposal, all operating under your unique brand

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Access 300+ Payment Connectors With a Single Integration

Unlock the potential of 300+ ready-to-run integrations to banks and payment options, and seamlessly integrate your existing ones for smooth transaction processing. Benefit from swift integrations, tailored adaptations, and the ability to link banks, merchants, and alternative payment methods (APMs) within a fortnight!

A System That Is Truly White-Label

Tailor every aspect of the payment system to your brand. Customize the payment page and admin panel URLs, logos, buttons, and reports to mirror your company’s identity.

Reporting and financial control with ease

Make data-driven decisions. Enjoy the comprehensive transaction reports, calculate your merchants’ fees, create settlements, and perform efficient reconciliation with the help of advanced analytical and billing module.

A Dedicated Payment Team

Having a specialized team of payment professionals can be vital for seamless collaboration. Prioritizing punctuality, we leverage our extensive expertise and robust technology to guarantee a satisfying customer journey right from the outset.

A Fully-Customizable Payment Page

Amplify your conversion rates exponentially using our secure and highly customizable payment page. Foster customer loyalty with a seamless transaction experience across all devices.

Fraud prevention

Ensure protection against fraud while boosting conversion rates through a combination of in-house and third-party modules.

Global coverage

Over 300+ connectors to banks and APMs.

Complete Customization

Effortlessly customize your payment page for a seamless experience

Mobile Optimized

Enjoy a fully responsive design, perfect for mobile devices.

Seamless Transaction Flow

Provide a stable and secure platform for exceptional customer experiences.

PayFac as a Service by Akurateco

Harness the power of technology. Leveraging over 15 years of expertise in the payments sector, Akurateco crafts and manages a reliable, seamless payment platform for uninterrupted transaction flows.

SAAS or On-premise

Flexibility is key. Our system can be configured as a SaaS payment platform or deployed On-Premise across various cloud options like Azure, AWS, Oracle, and Ali-Baba. We offer PCI DSS certification assistance and ensure consistent updates.

Designed for high loads

Our platform is engineered with cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless handling of high transaction volumes. An automated monitoring system with instant notifications is in place to swiftly address critical situations.

Uninterrupted 24/7 Operation

Rest assured our SLA-backed agreement ensures 99.9% system availability. Our dedicated support guarantees high-quality assistance whenever you need it.

Agile and Scalable Architecture

Our system is designed with microservices, ensuring optimal scalability and rapid development.

Continuous Enhancement

Expect free monthly updates that introduce fresh features aligned with market needs and tailored to client specifications.


What is PayFac-as-a-Service?

PayFac-as-a-Service refers to providing payment processing software for companies entering the payments market. Sometimes merchants who are seeking payment processing functionality refer to it as to PayFac but it’s not very accurate. This solution, like Akurateco’s, facilitates payment transactions smoothly through multiple connectors united in one system.

What is an example of a PayFac?

Akurateco is a great example of a PayFac, offering PayFac-as-a-Service to businesses. We provide a complete branded as a white-label payment processing platform, helping companies manage transactions efficiently.

How PayFac as a Service Works

PayFac as a Service, like Akurateco’s offering, provides businesses with ready-made payment processing software. Companies can integrate this solution into their platform, allowing them to offer seamless payment processing to their customers.

How long does it take to become a PayFac?

Becoming a PayFac varies depending on factors like regulatory requirements and technology setup. With Akurateco, you can access PayFac functionality quickly, with efficient onboarding and integration processes.

What is the difference between a PayFac and ISO?

The difference lies in their roles. A PayFac, exemplified by Akurateco, provides a complete payment processing solution, while an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) serves as a middleman between merchants and acquiring banks.

Why is Payment facilitation as a service the best choice for my platform?

Opting for Payment Facilitation as a Service, as offered by Akurateco, allows your platform to offer robust payment processing without the complexities. This ensures smooth transactions, efficient onboarding, and a seamless payment experience for your users.

Need Further Clarification?

Explore our comprehensive guide on starting a payment facilitation business, or book a call to experience the system firsthand.

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