Affiliate Program

Earn up to $20.000 per client in commission for any sales you direct our way.

White-label payment systems are one of the few solutions for payment processors and business owners to optimize their payment flow, consolidate all their transaction data in one place, and capture more revenue by increasing conversion rates with top-notch software. And arguably, it is the best among them.

Therefore, if you have an extensive network of business owners and PSPs, chances are a lot of them can benefit from our solution. So, we invite you to join in on our affiliate program to make extra revenue by referring our top-of-the-class products to your network.

How it works:

  • Identify PSPs and business owners in your network that might benefit from our white-label solution, payment orchestration platform, or a payment system deployed on their own servers;
  • Contact them with an offer to consider to Akurateco as their white-label provider;
  • Send them our way for further qualification or send  your personal affiliate link to register in our system  (you can get it here: https://get-started.akurateco.com/register/
  • Receive your commission the moment we onboard them as a client.

What commission do we offer?

Since Akurateco offers three different products of different complexity for different customers and niches, it’s only fair that we offer three types of commission:

  • $1500 for every onboarded customer for a white-label payment platform;
  • $500 for every client  for Akurateco’s payment orchestration platform;
  • $20000 for every referred client that purchased Source Code.

Akurateco’s is not your regular referring program!

Exactly! We come with a bunch of very convenient perks to simplify the referring process and tracking for you. Thus, we offer:

  • A special admin panel to track your traffic, applications, and conversions;
  • A unique opportunity to receive the commission in cryptocurrency;
  • Promotional materials to help you spread the word about Akurateco without breaking a sweat.

What types of affiliates do we accept?

We’ve broken it down for you so that you know exactly what partners to refer:

  • Payment service providers;
  • Webmasters
  • Development teams that build sites with built-in payment solutions
  • ISO & MRP.

Why refer Akurateco?

  • Increased approval ratio thanks to smart routing and cascading features;
  • Simplified data consolidation from multiple channels in one easy-to-use platform;
  • Fast time to market – clients can start processing payments within two weeks;
  • Increased revenue thanks to customizable smart invoicing feature;
  • The sophisticated yet simple fee constructor;
  • Advanced analytics engine and secure end-to-end encrypted system;
  • Customizable payment processing model;
  • Personalized payment checkout experience;
  • Smart recurring billing and one-click payments.

To get started, simply fill out this form to join our referral program, send clients from your network our way – and enjoy a solid commission the moment they get on board with us. We guarantee a fast and smooth onboarding, advanced functionality, and an outstanding customer experience for the clients you refer. 

Register: https://get-started.akurateco.com/register/

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