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But what are the problems that wannabe PSPs often face in their journey?

Development Costs
Assembling and maintaining the team for the processing software MVP launch costs at least $1,000,000 USD
Dramatically reduce initial and ongoing costs by leveraging white-label solutions, effectively bringing them down to the equivalent of a single developer's monthly salary.
Time To Market
Development, testing, certification and launching the PSP by yourself usually takes around 18 month
Accelerate your launch to just a few weeks, bypassing common hurdles, thanks to the comprehensive groundwork already laid out by white-label platforms.
Analysis, development, testing, and deployments of each integration takes around 4 weeks
Easily access and deploy from a vast selection of 350+ pre-integrated vendors within our portfolio in a matter of couple clicks.
Compliance & Certifications
Achieving PCI DSS compliance usually takes ~3 month, and requires an annual spend of 50000 USD for maintenance and regular audits
Access a system with built-in PCI DSS certification and an infrastructure designed to be compliant, ensuring regulatory standards are met with ease.

A system that is truly white-label

Everything within the payment system can be branded to match your company, from payment page and admin panel URLs to logos, buttons and reports.

Flexible deployment options

Adapt to your technical and strategic needs with our versatile hosting model. Choose from leading cloud environments, including Azure, Oracle Cloud, and AWS, to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and alignment with your infrastructure preferences.

Payment team as a service

Acquirer Selection and Integration Support

Navigate the complexities of choosing and integrating with the right acquirers. We offer thorough documentation reviews, expert recommendations, and insights on which acquirers to prioritize and which to avoid for optimal performance.

Onboarding and Migration Assistance

Smoothly transition to our technology with our dedicated support, whether you're migrating existing merchants or setting up automated onboarding for new PSPs. Benefit from our expertise in crafting effective merchant subscription forms for seamless integration.

Transaction Monitoring and Dispute Management

Ensure the integrity of your transaction flow with our proactive monitoring services. We swiftly identify anomalies, facilitating timely actions to manage disputes, chargebacks, and maintain a secure transaction environment.

Fraud Prevention Setup and Optimization

Leverage our built-in anti-fraud engine tailored to your PSP's specific needs. We assist in setting initial rules and continuously refining your fraud prevention measures for a secure, fraud-free payment experience.

Payment Routing Configuration

Optimize transaction efficiency with strategic payment routing. Our team aids in developing custom routing rules, ensuring smooth, cost-effective payment processes that cater to your merchants' unique needs.

Custom Development Consultation

Expand your PSP's capabilities with strategic third-party integrations. We provide in-depth analysis and recommendations on the most effective development strategies to enhance your platform's functionality.

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