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Business Case: How Akurateco’s Payment Software Cut $420K in Costs for a Forex Client

When operating in the global high-risk industry of Forex, having a dependable payment software provider is crucial, as it will benefit both you and your clients.

Anastasiia Brener


Exploring the Potential of Payment Software Flexibility with Akurateco’s White-Label Payment Gateway

Many payment service providers believe that to get a flexible payment system adapted to your business needs, you must develop it yourself. However, it is quite costly and time-consuming.

Andrew Riabchuk


What is a Payment Aggregator?

When it comes to explaining what is a payment aggregator, let's first say that it is a company that enables merchants to accept payments from their customers.

Vladimir Kuiantsev


Revolutionizing Payment Processing: The Power of Payment Orchestration

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we purchase goods and services has drastically changed, with online shopping becoming the norm for many consumers. As a result, merchants have had to adapt and provide a seamless virtual shopping experience to their customers.

Anastasiia Brener


The Power of Cascading Payments: Boosting Your Revenue Growth

While financial technologies are driving modern trends in online payments, it is vital to embrace them to stay competitive. Cascading payments are one of the modern payment systems' essential features.

Alexandra Dolia


Payment Routing: The Ultimate Guide

This article will explore intelligent payment routing in detail, dive deep into its fundamentals, and analyze the opportunities it presents to payment service providers and merchants worldwide.

Vladimir Kuiantsev


Redefining Customer Experience in FinTech: Akurateco’s Payment Team as a Service Approach

For the last couple of decades, FinTech startups have led the way in adopting the latest technologies in the payments industry. Indeed, we are working hard to optimize, speed up and automate every transaction processing step.

Anastasiia Brener


Legacy Payment Software vs Modern Payment Software: Pros & Cons

The FinTech industry has been moving by leaps and bounds. With the general digitalization of the world and the COVID-19 pandemic, the online payment industry has changed dramatically only in the last few years, let alone the changes it endured in a decade or two.

Andrew Riabchuk


How Payment Gateway Provider Can Reduce Software & Infrastructure Costs by 50% With Akurateco

The online payment industry is booming and will remain at its peak for a long time to come. That is why now is the right time to start and develop your own payment gateway business.

Alexandra Dolia


5 Ways to Increase Payment Conversion Rate

As an online business owner, you know first-hand how much time and effort are put into identifying the reasons for a low payment conversion rate - and finding the right tools to fix it. It's not surprising since your business does not receive a significant part of the income precisely for this reason.

Vladimir Kuiantsev