Enhance Your PSP: Seamless Upgrades and Powerful Integrations

Ready to upgrade your PSP? Explore how Akurateco boosts your setup with advanced integrations. We’re here to support your journey to modernizing and expanding payment capabilities.

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Is your payment platform keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digital marketplace?

Many PSPs face challenges with outdated systems that can’t support growing demands for flexibility and scalability. Discover how transitioning to Akurateco’s advanced software solutions can address these issues, enhancing efficiency and compliance across your operations

Outdated Technology
Legacy systems can't keep pace with the rapidly evolving payment market, limiting the ability to meet expanding merchant demands.
Transition to Akurateco’s advanced platform, which facilitates seamless migration and enables PSPs to leverage cutting-edge payment solutions.
Compliance Challenges
Maintaining compliance with evolving regulations is difficult with outdated technology, risking penalties and loss of merchant trust.
Akurateco ensures your platform exceeds compliance standards effortlessly, with built-in features for regulatory adherence.
Integration Development Time and Costs
Developing and integrating new payment methods is time-consuming and costly, adding to operational complexities.
Utilize Akurateco’s extensive marketplace of 350+ ready-to-use connectors for quick, cost-effective expansion of your payment capabilities.
Implementation & Monitoring
Implementing and monitoring advanced payment services requires specific knowledge that PSPs might not have in-house.
Benefit from Akurateco's payment team as a service, offering expert guidance on optimal implementation and monitoring of payment integrations and services.

Why chosce us?

Choosing the right software provider is crucial for enhancing your payment systems. Below, you’ll discover why partnering with Akurateco is not just a choice, but a strategic decision to ensure continuous innovation, support, and scalability for your payment solutions:

Access a World of Possibilities with Our 350+ Integrated Connectors

Explore the expansive range of pre-integrated payment solutions available at your fingertips. Our software features over 350 connectors, including leading companies and innovative technologies, all easily accessible to enhance your payment infrastructure. With Akurateco, integrating new capabilities is as straightforward as selecting the options that best fit your business needs.

Reliable Platform

Technology is king. Akurateco uses its 15+ years of experience in the industry to build and maintain a reliable and smooth white label gateway with an uninterrupted transaction flow.

SAAS or On premise

Our system is flexible, allowing to choose between a SaaS payment platform or an On-Premises solution hosted on various cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, Oracle, and Ali-Baba. We offer support for PCI DSS certification and deliver regular updates to ensure your payment system stays secure and up-to-date.

Optimized for High Transaction Volumes

Our platform is meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology to effortlessly handle high transaction volumes. Additionally, we offer an automated monitoring system with real-time notifications to promptly address any critical situations that may arise.

Reliable 24/7 Performance

We provide you with peace of mind through a robust SLA agreement, ensuring an impressive 99.9% system availability. Our top-notch support is at your service through the Jira service desk.

Adaptive Architecture

Our system's architecture is thoughtfully constructed on a foundation of microservices, enabling unparalleled scalability and rapid development.

Frequent Updates

We keep your system up-to-date with monthly updates that introduce fresh functionalities to align with market needs. Additionally, we enhance existing features to cater to our clients' evolving requirements.

Payment team as a service

Technology is king. Akurateco uses its 15+ years of experience in the industry to build and maintain a reliable and smooth white label gateway with an uninterrupted transaction flow.

Acquirer Selection and Integration Support

Navigate the complexities of choosing and integrating with the right acquirers. We offer thorough documentation reviews, expert recommendations, and insights on which acquirers to prioritize and which to avoid for optimal performance.

Onboarding and Migration Assistance

Smoothly transition to our technology with our dedicated support, whether you're migrating existing merchants or setting up automated onboarding for new PSPs. Benefit from our expertise in crafting effective merchant subscription forms for seamless integration.

Transaction Monitoring and Dispute Management

Ensure the integrity of your transaction flow with our proactive monitoring services. We swiftly identify anomalies, facilitating timely actions to manage disputes, chargebacks, and maintain a secure transaction environment.

Fraud Prevention Setup and Optimization

Leverage our built-in anti-fraud engine tailored to your PSP's specific needs. We assist in setting initial rules and continuously refining your fraud prevention measures for a secure, fraud-free payment experience.

Payment Routing Configuration

Optimize transaction efficiency with strategic payment routing. Our team aids in developing custom routing rules, ensuring smooth, cost-effective payment processes that cater to your merchants' unique needs.

Custom Development Consultation

Expand your PSP's capabilities with strategic third-party integrations. We provide in-depth analysis and recommendations on the most effective development strategies to enhance your platform's functionality.

Flexible Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

Discover the affordability and flexibility of Akurateco’s pricing model. Whether you need unlimited connectors, a specific deployment option, or other tailored features, our model is designed to significantly reduce costs compared to in-house development. We’re confident in offering the most competitive rates—so much so that if you find a better deal elsewhere, let us know! We’re committed to maintaining a strong and appealing offer that stands out in the market.

Seamless White-Label Integration: Your Brand Front and Center

Enhance your brand’s integrity and trust with our fully white-label system, designed to integrate flawlessly into your existing branding and workflow. Customize and host on your ‘native’ domain, making the platform indistinguishable from your core offerings. This traceless integration ensures your merchants feel secure, fostering loyalty by presenting your PSP as the sole owner of the technology—powerfully reinforcing your market position without compromising on appearance or functionality.

Case Studies

Elevate your transaction approval rate, effortlessly oversee multi-channel transaction flow within a unified platform, and formulate informed business choices using our cutting-edge payment solution.

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