Bill faster and save more

Capture more revenue with our
top-of-the-industry technologies allowing to set customizable fees for each individual payment action.

Charge More With Our Sophisticated Fee Constructor

Set up two different fee types - transaction-related and recurring. Enjoy full customization of fees based on the transaction amount, currency, acquiring bank, transaction type, etc.;

Charge different fees for successful and failed transactions + rolling reserve;

Customize the frequency as well as the beginning and end of the recurring payment schedule based on the existence or absence of transactions of certain types or in certain statuses (successful or failed).

Benefit From Fully-Customizable Settlements

Enjoy settlements fine-tuned to the needs of your business:

Take advantage of two separate cash flow scenarios - PSP and Cashier - to stay on top of your financial game;

Make data-driven decisions with full control over Rolling Reserve hold and payouts information;

Avoid invoice dates overlapping with our automatic system notifications;

Keep track of invoices and their statuses (created, sent, paid, and partially paid) in our cutting-edge yet simple payment platform.

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Strengthen Customer Loyalty

With our cutting-edge technologies, you’ll get to enjoy manual or automatic reconciliation regardless of the technological capabilities of the bank.

Keep Track Of All Payouts

Always stay on top of things with our payment calendar. We’ll keep you informed on what to expect from acquirers, what to pay to merchants, and when it’s due.

Save Time And Money

With automated smart invoicing and billing, you instantly take the burden of manual fee customization off the shoulders of your key team members’ allowing them to focus on other strategic tasks.

Choose What To Charge Each Client For

Predefine what actions you will charge the merchant for and set triggers. Fine-tune these rules to the specifications of each client to grow your reputation and their trust.

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