• Fraud


    Universal fraud management program

  • PCI DSS for merchants

    Enterprises of all types and sizes that accept credit card payments are a subject to some level of PCI regulation. Therefore, establishing and maintaining PCI compliance should be a priority for them...

  • PayPlatform

    Our payment platform is offering electronic payment solution for goods and services online via the use of alternative payments for the need to be free from suffering the huge expenses over the internet...

  • Data Analysis

    Akurateco's transaction reporting and analysis helps merchants make better decisions in today’s increasingly data-driven business environment...

  • Data Management

    Akurateco’s data management solution turns fragmented, contradictory and repetitive sources of data into trusted sources of consolidated information...

  • Fraud Prevention

    Akurateco provides real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention that supports universal fraud management program...

  • Mobile Payments

    Nowadays there is an urgent need for improved mobile security features for the banking industry...


Akurateco really helped us to setup stable and reliable processing platform. The majority of their connected payment methods and acquirers is really impressive and allows to cover all our needs.

Even if we need a new connector Akurateco is integration with it very fast and charge us very competitive price.

Dmytro Pikul, Chief Operating Officer at PaySpace