White Label Payment Gateway Solution - Akurateco

White-label payment Gateway

Payment software, infrastructure and team as a service

Akurateco’s gateway is a fully brandable, white-label solution allowing you to own the end-to-end ready-to-use, PCI DSS gateway with zero development cost.

Payment Orchestration Platform

One integration = 300+ payment connectors

Enjoy our cutting-edge SaaS payment platform with multiple connectors to banks and payment methods available via a single integration.

Payment Orchestration Platform for your bank

Discover new revenue opportunities and reduce existing costs

Our white-label platform offers everything from comprehensive merchant management to a robust routing engine, and much more.

Cross-platform data sharing

Enjoy full control over fast, smooth, and 100% secure data sharing

Easily export and import data across various platforms for enhanced data management.

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Processing Revenue





Grow your revenue with Akurateco’s advanced white-label payment platform allowing you to capture more revenue and increase your conversion rate.

Approval Ratio





Increase your transaction approval rate with Akurateco’s innovative Smart Routing and Cascading to help you accept more transactions from day one.

to Market



Thanks to 15+ years of hands-on experience in the industry and an in-depth understanding of the process, we guarantee fast and smooth onboarding.

Keep All Data In One Place

Consolidated and easy-to-manipulate data management to keep you in full control over data from various payment channels.

Payment methods Payment methods

Customize Your Payment Processing Model

Choose a hand-picked solution for your business model to grow your conversion rate and improve customer experience.

Personalize Your Customers’ Checkout Experience

Allow your customers to use their preferred checkout to optimize their shopping experience and scale it up to their expectations.

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Demystifying Payment Tokenization: Enhancing Data Security in Payment Processing

Payment tokenization is a technology used in payment processing to enhance the security of sensitive payment information, such as credit card numbers, by replacing them with unique tokens.

Andrew Riabchuk

Andrew Riabchuk


3 Use Cases on How Intelligent Payment Routing Boosts Business Efficiency

Running an online business can often feel like an ongoing rollercoaster ride, where you grapple with satisfying customer payment preferences, finding suitable payment partners, minimizing interchange fees, and tackling false declines.

Alexandra Dolia

Alexandra Dolia

Our team

Akurateco was created and is led by a passionate team with 15+ years of hands-on experience in online payments:

Andrew Riabchuk
Andrew Riabchuk
Founder, CTO
Leads the software architecture and development
Vladimir Kuiantsev
Vladimir Kuiantsev
Co-founder, CEO
Oversees the company's overall management
Alexandra Dolia
Alexandra Dolia
Co-founder, COO
Leads all aspects of project management, business development and process organization, and client relationships
Anastasiia Brener
Anastasiia Brener
Head of Business Development
Manages the business development team handling project management operations.

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