What support can I expect from Akurateco?

Akurateco’s top priority is to become more than just your payment software provider, but your partner too. Our experienced team covers all technical issues related to payments so that you can focus entirely on what you know the best – your own business. Payment Team as a service is always ready to solve any question related to system settings, integration of your merchants, support and consult you on business matters, and risk monitoring.

What integration types do you support?

Do you also offer acquiring services?

How fast is the integration?

Can I request a new connector?

What payment system setups do you offer?

What do you offer in terms of Disaster Recovery Capabilities?

Is there a system localization?

What is the coverage in terms of countries? What countries can the system be used in?

What are your fees? Do you charge a monthly, per-transaction, or a setup fee?

Is your system PCI DSS compliant?

How fast can I start processing payments?

Do you also offer AML and KYB services?

Do you have a white-label reseller program?

Does your system have any Antifraud protection?

Do I need a financial license to work with you?

Does Akurateco have a financial license?

Can Akurateco assist us with all documents required by the regulator to receive a financial license?

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