What support can I expect from Akurateco?

We assist our clients with any technical issues they might face when using our software acting as your technical department. Besides, we help them set up the system and solve technical issues their merchants contact them about. Additionally, we provide support and consulting on business matters as well as risk monitoring on merchants’ requests during the business hours.

What integration types do you support?

We support S2S, facilitate redirection to our hosted Checkout page, and offer the most popular CMS Plugins integration as well as access to mobile SDK to integrate payments into your mobile applications.

Do you also offer acquiring services?

We specialize in payment software development and maintenance. We can refer you to an acquiring partner connected to our company if we know the one that would be a good fit. However, this isn’t the service we offer on a regular basis.

How fast is the integration?

It depends on the product of your choice. For Cashier, the dashboard setup takes up to 2 business days given that you have all the required connectors already integrated. For a white-label SaaS platform, the process might take up to 2 weeks as long as the connectors are integrated. In the meantime, the integration of a white-label platform on-premise depends on the client’s infrastructure. Therefore, the setup time is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Can I request a new connector?

Sure. The integration will take 10-20 business days depending on the complexity of documentation and the speed of communication with the technical department of the payment solution in question.

What payment system setups do you offer?

We offer:

  • Cashier – a fully-brandable dashboard for merchants;
  • A white-label SaaS platform – a customizable and fully-brandable payment system hosted
    on our servers;
  • A white-label platform (on-premise) – a fully-brandable payment system hosted on the
    client’s servers.

What do you offer in terms of Disaster Recovery Capabilities?

We use several nodes in different geographical locations. We have backups inside each node and among them. On top of that, we replicate relational databases and shards of Elasticsearch.

Is there a system localization?

Dashboard localization is available in an on-premise setup while the localization of a payment page is available for any setup.

What is the coverage in terms of countries? What countries can the system be used in?

Our system can be used worldwide. We support any transaction-based model and can integrate international payment methods of your choice.

What are your fees? Do you charge a monthly, per-transaction, or a setup fee?

Fees and costs are discussed with each client individually and are based on a number of transactions, the type of product they select, and an integration type of their choice.

Is your system PCI DSS compliant?

Yes, our system is PCI DSS (Level 1) certified. Clients using our SaaS product are covered by our certification. In case the client selects an On-Premise integration type and deploys the system on his own servers, he should obtain a PCI DSS certificate separately. We can assist with this and prepare all necessary documents and instructions for the QSA who will be doing this certification. Additionally, we can assist your merchants in receiving PCI DSS Level 3-4 certification.

How fast can I start processing payments?

Customers applying for Cashier, Akurateco’s white-label payment software, can start processing payments within 1-2 business days in case they use already integrated connectors. Clients purchasing a white-label SaaS payment platform can start processing within 2 weeks unless they request the integration of new connectors. In the meantime, integration of white-label “On-Premise” requires up to 3 months of active development.

Do you also offer AML and KYB services?

No, we only cover the technical part of the payments business. However, if requested, we can integrate any KYC/KYB provider of your choice.

Do you have a white-label reseller program?

Yes, we do. We offer a revenue share to our agents for every onboarded client introduced by them. For more information, feel free to contact our Sales department at [email protected]

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