Payment Gateways in Brazil

Payment Gateways in Brazil

A drastic transformation of the financial and business sectors in Brazil is one of the results of the impact of digitalization on different spheres of life. Shaping new conditions for every bank, customer, company, and other financial market participant, these changes entail rethinking established strategies and introducing the latest technologies to automate multiple processes.

Exploring the specifics and forecasts of the economy’s digitalization while tracking emerging trends, entrepreneurs are thinking about introducing innovative solutions to boost their businesses. Looking for the best Brazil payment system and tools, revealing various paths for development, many merchants and payment service providers (PSPs) are increasingly relying on white-label payment gateways, and their number increases daily.

Brazil payment gateway market: an overview

The rapid development of digital technologies, largely contributing to the fundamental transformation of the Brazilian payment landscape, has exposed multiple pathways for e-commerce specialists to increase their sales and satisfy customers’ needs. The thriving digital payment market offers a set of Brazil payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, bank tickets, Boleto Bancário, and more, allowing everyone to choose the most convenient method to transfer money online and achieve the set goals.

Keeping with the times, this list is replenished with cutting-edge options, including mobile and instant payments, BNPL services, cryptocurrency, etc. According to Statista, the forecasted digital payment market size will value over $253 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.51%.

How to launch a payment gateway in Brazil?

If you want to become a PSP or launch your own payment system for independent transaction management, you will find yourself at the crossroads of whether to develop the software on your own or opt for a white-label solution. Before launching a payment gateway independently in Brazil, you’ll need to conduct thorough research into the local market dynamics and regulatory requirements set by the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB). Then, you must explore the region’s most popular payment methods (described below), ensure compliance with standards like PCI DSS, and secure the necessary licenses. With all the above in hand, a robust payment system must be meticulously developed, and tailored to meet the unique needs of Brazilian consumers and businesses. 

Alternatively, entrepreneurs can launch a payment gateway in Brazil by adopting a white-label payment solution. This is a ready-to-use payment system developed by a professional fintech team. This approach involves partnering with a reputable white-label provider, preferably one with experience in the Brazilian market like Akurateco, to leverage a pre-built payment gateway system. In contrast to independent development, the white-label solution will already comply with local regulations and security standards, simplifying the process of navigating complex licensing procedures and saving costs on system maintenance. Furthermore, the customization options presented by a white-label payment gateway will enable system branding under the business’s identity, facilitating a faster time-to-market. By harnessing a white-label payment gateway, businesses can focus on business development, while benefiting from a proven and reliable payment infrastructure.

The most popular payment methods in Brazil

There are multiple Brazil online payment methods, each with unique peculiarities and options. At the same time, the most widely used are credit cards, digital wallets, bank vouchers, Boleto Bancário, and Brazil instant payment system, Pix.

Credit Cards

Multiple credit cards, including international and local options, are available to transfer money and make purchases online in Brazil. The most widespread credit card networks here are Visa and MasterCard, which are accessible everywhere, while American Express is limited to larger cities. Other examples of local credit cards are Hipercard, Discover, Cabal, Amex, and more.

Learn more about Visa and MasterCard in our dedicated articles.


Created in 2018, Pay4Fun is a widespread payment method in Brazil that continues to improve and expand options. Strict security measures, cutting-edge technologies, 24/7 available support service, all iGaming payment options in one place, and many other benefits await you when using Pay4Fun financial services. Find out more about Pay4Fun here.


A leading electronic wallet for e-commerce in the Brazilian market is available for both domestic and international online transactions. The accepted payment option is a credit card from a major brand such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. Check out in-depth information about PayPal in the article.

Top Brazil payment gateways

With different points of contact and at the same time differences, various payment gateways common in Brazil will help digital commerce specialists boost a business of any size and satisfy customer needs.


With an innovative e-wallet solution, One Touch, AstroPay provides ample opportunities for business promotion. Using AstroPay plugins on their web commerce platform, merchants will significantly increase revenue, giving each customer the freedom to choose the most convenient currency to make payments and withdraw funds with a credit card, digital wallet, bank transfer, and other available options. Find out more about AstroPay here.


One of the most popular payment methods in Brazil, registered with the country’s central bank and used by tens of thousands of processors, offers e-commerce specialists to stimulate business and improve transaction flow through payment gateway integration. A preferred option for individuals who do not have bank accounts, Boleto is no more difficult to use than a credit card and other payment options. The customer generates a bank ticket and purchases online or at land-based locations. Learn more about Boleto in the article.


Offering more than a hundred payment methods, built-to-fit options for SaaS, streaming, digital ads, and more directions, a robust security management system, trusted partners with constant audition, etc., this all-in-one gateway payment is one of the preferential choices for web commerce specialists in the Brazilian market. Relentlessly improving a range of options, Ebanx provides multiple ways to develop businesses of all sizes and increase market outreach. Check out more about Ebanx here.


The instant payment ecosystem is an increasingly widespread alternative online transaction method created in 2020. Among the primary advantages are instant transfers, affordable costs, versatility, security, etc. The customer receives a QR code or Pix string containing the amount to make purchases and complete online money transfers. After that, they pay the Pix via a bank mobile application or another method. 

Considering the rapid development and a range of benefits, adding the ability to pay using the Pix payment method Brazil in your webshop is mandatory for success in promoting your business. Find out more about Pix in the article.


Offering innovative card issuing solutions to manage debit, credit, and pre-paid cards, Cartão Elo is one of the most common payment options after Visa and MasterCard for domestic money transfers in Brazil. With international acceptance over the Discover credit card network, beneficial options for shoppers, and so on,  it will become indispensable for integration with your digital commerce platform, stimulating a business and improving conversion rates. Learn more about Elo here.


For almost twenty years of providing payment processing solutions for merchants, PagSeguro has become a popular payment gateway in Brazil, featuring a range of advantages. Developing businesses of all sizes by increasing the revenue growth rate, meeting customer payment needs, implementing the latest security technology, and other options, PagSeguro continues to scale up. Check out more about PagSeguro in our dedicated article.


An equally significant credit card method in Brazil’s digital commerce market with a permanently expanding set of functions definitely deserves attention from entrepreneurs. By integrating this payment method into the digital store, merchants can provide each customer with secure and lightning-fast online transfers. At the same time, Buy Now, Pay Later services, and other increasingly popular solutions ensure even more convenience. Find out more about Aura here.


Launched Pay4Fun GO, a popular Brazil payment gateway, three years ago, the trusted Pay4Fun company provided digital commerce specialists with various business development options. Understandable implementation and operation, BACEN regulations, mobile applications for Android and iOS owners, and other features are just a few examples of advantages. Learn more about Pay4Fun in the article.

How can Akurateco help you with payment gateway integration in Brazil?

A white-label end-to-end PCI DSS-certified payment solutions provider, Akurateco, provides merchants and PSPs with a set of options to launch a payment platform for efficient transaction processing under their own brand. 

Akurateco offers its digital clients access to over 350 payment gateways and providers, including those listed above, via one integration to the platform.

Benefits of using Akurateco white-label payment gateway in Brazil

With a set of innovative payment technologies and global integrations, Akurateco will be a beneficial white-label payment solution for merchants and representatives of the fintech industry, accessible in the Brazilian online payment market.

Payment Data Analytics

By choosing Akurateco, merchants and payment solution providers can track each transaction’s status online in real time. The payment flow, financial reporting, and trends on the unique dashboard will become beneficial soil for the data-driven development approaches, increasing the revenue growth rate. 

Fraud and Risk Awareness 

In the wake of thriving cyber fraud, ensuring proper security when making online transactions is at the forefront. The latest Akurateco fraud and risk management system aims to analyze, detect, and eliminate online threats, protecting your customers’ payment data and enhancing security measures.

Intelligent payment routing to the best payment providers

With a set of functions to route transactions, Akurateco helps improve conversion rates, speeding up and facilitating customer checkout experience. Routing transactions into the most profitable channels, a white-label payment gateway solution will allow you to prevent transaction rejection. 

Advanced payment routing and cascading are the keys to hassle-free and successful online money transfers. Even in the event of a decline by one payment provider, payment cascading technology will send a transaction to another one to achieve successful processing within one payment attempt.


Which payment method is best in Brazil?

A wide variety of payment methods are available in Brazil for domestic and international transactions. Designed for various purposes and offering different benefits, they are all worth consideration, while the most common are credit cards, Pix (bank transfer), digital wallets, and Boleto (cash-based method).

What is Pix in Brazil?

One of the highest positions in the list of available payment options is occupied by the Pix payment system Brazil, designed for instant online money transfers. With its various advantages, the payment method developed by the Central Bank of Brazil is attracting more and more attention, with a forecasted rapid growth in the Brazilian digital payments market in the coming years.

Can Akurateco provide tailored payment solutions for specific industries in Brazil?

As the latest payment processing solution, Akurateco offers setting up and customization to the requirements of the particular industry. With cutting-edge fintech tools tailored to the needs of their niches, digital merchants and PSPs will be able to gain an edge over their competitors.

Does Akurateco support Brazilian payment methods?

There are various payment methods in Brazil that are already integrated into Akurateco’s solution. The company also offers integration development upon request. For more information about a particular payment method, fill out the Request a Connector form at the top of the page.

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