Ebanx is a virtual wallet service that allows for a variety of payment methods for global companies. It is a Brazilian Payment Gateway aimed for use in Latin American and African markets. It started as the smallest company on the Endeavor program but now it is one of the largest fin-tech companies in Africa. It was created to counter the lack of formal financial services in its target markets.

Benefits of Ebanx

With its specific but diverse target market, Ebanx has many features that are tailored to ensure that customer needs are met. These features that make up the beneficial system are elaborated below:

Variety of Products and Tools

Ebanx utilizes various products to ensure that customers can use the application conveniently. The Buy Now Pay Later option, allows customers to purchase products and pay at a later date. It also uses a mixed operational model by combining pay-ins and payouts in one simulation.

Customers can pay for products from both local and international vendors at the same time on the same checkout page. Ebanx handles the separation of the payments and remits them accordingly.

Easily Accessible

Considering that digital payments are becoming vastly used, Ebanx creates an easy-to-use application that lets customers receive, deposit, and send money using a virtual wallet on a mobile phone. It is a Mobile money product that is easier to access than formal financial services.

Simple International Transactions

With Ebanx, customers can purchase products and pay for international services in local currency and have it automatically converted to USD or other currencies for the merchants receiving the payment. Also, merchants do not need to set up local legal entities in their target countries because Ebanx takes responsibility for it all at zero costs, from complaince to local tax operations. 

Tailored Provisions

Ebanx always takes specific market needs into account. They are leaders in creating and facilitating the use of many payment methods because through its direct connections in rising markets, B2B, and end consumers, it studies new markets, and customer profiles and proffers solutions that accommodate diverse transaction models in various businesses and countries. 

It has a very inclusive system and as such has 100+ diverse payment methods including APMs, Cash-based vouchers, and Card Processing. It’s also in partnership with many global markets that have modifications for various customers such as Meta, Ali Express, Sony, Canva, and more. 

High Approval Rates

Since Ebanx has a close and realistic understanding of its market, it has high approval rates. More customers are eager and accepting of its products and services so returns and chargeback are at a minimum. 


Ebanx holds itself accountable to its customers. It shows transparency by providing conciliation and international settlement with audited cash management that is dependable and usable to control financial influx. 

Variety of Transactions

Ebanx is not only a virtual wallet but it has other provisions such as cash and vouchers, instant payments, and account-based transfers.

How to Connect

  • Search for Ebanx on a search engine or download the mobile app. 
  • Select the ‘Get started’ button on the Homepage.
  • Fill in the information requested, Name, Email, Company Location, and others.
  • Click on ‘Send Request’.
  • An account will be created.
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