Pay4Fun is a Brazilian online payment processor that provides fast, safe, and convenient service for merchants. The platform headquartered in Sao Paolo presents an excellent service connecting merchants, customers, and local bankers. With the right approach, it is possible to take the most of the facility. It helps all parties to benefit from this cooperation. 

Online payment processing is a challenging and sophisticated task in Brazil. It refers to the bank operations when funds are transferred to the other country. Despite numerous problems in the sphere of international transfers, Pay4Fun doesn’t encounter difficulties. The service is operated by highly qualified professionals, so it promises to deliver the best solution available on the market. The facility considers Brazil as a target market, therefore, this is the best payment partner for merchants planning to serve Brazilian customers. 

The team of the company has fine-tuned the system to meet the requirements of merchants and their customers. The company works with the mission to alleviate the payment procedure. Therefore, users can enjoy an easy-to-use, friendly interface that is easy to operate. Clients can do it intuitively. The company performs the promotion of differentiated service for its users. 

The benefits of using Pay4Fun

  • It is a trustworthy service that is strictly regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN).
  • The facility has an optimized interface to help clients transfer funds without problems. 
  • The team has optimized the cash flow as well to speed up the procedure.
  • The team of the company works its own security solution since the platform prioritizes the privacy and safety of its consumers. 
  • The system guarantees security for merchants. The platform ensures that it is responsible for fraud and chargebacks, so it is ready to take the risk serving you.
  • The settlement abroad is entirely transparent. 
  • There are IOS and Android mobile apps. 
  • Easy money management is available for merchants. 
  • The service is customer-oriented, so it’s easy to resolve any issues. There are different methods to connect the support. The methods include chat, WhatsApp, and e-mail. It is possible to apply to the service round-the-clock any day. 
  • The service distributes branded Prepaid MasterCard cards to its customers.

There are 3 solutions of different kinds, so that the merchant can select the option that suits them perfectly. 

  1. There is a pay4fun wallet developed by the team of the platform that requires registration from customers, who should fund their wallets before making transactions. This is a good solution for merchants who can take advantage of the existing database. The sales power increases as a rule when the account of the service is loaded, so the pay4fun wallet helps to solve this problem. 
  2. Pay4fun go is a gateway solution enabling the generation of payments right from the merchant’s website. It is available for any e-commerce enterprise. Merchants like this option for fast speed and the possibility of total funding. 
  3. The team also developed the WordPress plugin that can be applied on the e-commerce websites developed on this WP engine. This is a good option for easy integration. 

The official website of the payment processor also provides useful tech info enabling the integration of Pay4fun solution into the environment of the merchant. There, you can download the latest API version of all three solutions described above. 

Pay4fun fees

Payments are accepted in local currency (BRL). Users can pay cash via Boleto Bancario, which is a widespread Brazilian payment method, bank cards, and online banking. The merchant fee is 5%. When the transaction is made within the system, the fee is 1%. 

How to connect to the service

It takes just a few days to connect to the system after you submit an inquiry. 



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