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Aura is a distinguished credit card payment system designed especially for the Brazilian market. It’s positioned alongside HiperCard and Elo as a premier online payment option in Brazil. Through Aura, users can distribute their payments over periods of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. While businesses receive funds promptly, consumers can choose an installment scheme that fits their needs, from 3 up to 12 months. The card also ensures smooth recurring online payments.

In the world of Aura credit card providers, Cetelem (a subsidiary of BNP Paribas) stands out. They’ve partnered with MasterCard to launch co-branded Aura-MasterCard cards. Currently, over 3 million of these co-branded cards circulate in Brazil. Redecard and Cielo, two primary Brazilian transaction handlers, manage the processing and finalization of dealings on this platform. This setup allows businesses to easily incorporate Aura payment options into their online stores via different payment service providers.

How does Aura function? 

The Aura payment system, designed with user-friendliness and seamless integration in mind, operates in a manner that both customers and merchants find intuitive and straightforward.

Navigating the Checkout Experience:

As clients progress through their online shopping journey and approach the climax of their purchase, they’re met with an array of payment alternatives. When the credit card payment method is selected, clients may experience one of two scenarios. They could be redirected to a dedicated and secure page specifically crafted for payment details, or they might remain within the familiar confines of the current checkout interface. 

Entering Crucial Card Details:

The information that clients are prompted to provide covers a comprehensive spectrum, ensuring transaction security and accuracy. They’ll typically be asked to specify the card brand or type, input the cardholder’s name as it appears on the card, and, of course, the card’s numerical digits. Additionally, details like the card’s expiration or valid-through date and the card’s security code, often found on the back, are crucial. 

Initiating and Structuring Payments:

Once these vital details are furnished, clients take the inaugural step with Aura by making their first payment. Subsequent payments are orchestrated based on the plan the client has chosen, offering flexibility and catering to individual financial planning needs. 

The Business Perspective:

From a merchant or business’s vantage point, Aura’s system is nothing short of revolutionary. Beyond the simplicity it offers to customers, businesses stand to gain immensely. The standout advantage is undoubtedly the speed of fund access. In the digital commerce age, where cash flow is king, having a system like Aura that ensures prompt payments can be the differentiating factor for businesses, aiding in smoother operations and better financial management.

Highlights of the Platform

Consumer-Centric Benefits:

At the heart of Aura’s myriad advantages lies its commitment to offering consumers a fast, robust, and incredibly secure online payment experience. The installment-based payment feature stands as a testament to this commitment. With Aura, customers are granted the flexibility to pace their payments, and this assurance emboldens them to indulge in acquiring higher-end or luxury products without the financial strain typically associated with such purchases. In essence, Aura transforms the purchasing landscape, making luxury more accessible.

Merchants’ Perspective:

For businesses and merchants navigating the fiercely competitive world of e-commerce, the decision of which payment methods to integrate can make or break the customer experience. Aura emerges as a beacon in this context. The platform is specifically designed with an understanding of the evolving preferences of modern shoppers. The rising popularity of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) schemes is undeniable, and Aura taps into this trend effectively. Merchants aligned with Aura often observe a noticeable uptick in their business metrics. The reason? Aura cardholders, with the financial freedom the card grants, are more inclined to make significant or luxury purchases, driving up the average transaction value for businesses.

How to integrate Aura? 

To integrate Aura Payments into your business, start by visiting their official website or any associated financial entity for the latest guidelines. Express your interest by contacting their support or partnership division. Gather all essential documents, like business licenses and tax certifications. Upon approval, you’ll receive tools like an API for technical integration. Before activation, test the gateway, preferably in a sandbox environment, and train your team on its operations. Once confident, activate the payment option, but remember to keep it updated, maintain open communication with Aura’s team, and consistently monitor transactions for smooth operations and to detect any anomalies.

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