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Headquartered in Brazil, Elo is a distinguished provider of payment card solutions, working closely with a network of partnered banks to offer an array of debit, credit, and prepaid cards bearing the Elo brand. Not limited to domestic use, these cards are valid at an impressive 7.5 million global locations, courtesy of a joint agreement with Discover Financial Services. With a cardholder base nearing 125 million, Elo has secured its place as Brazil’s third most-favored payment card system.

What Sets Elo Apart?

For business operators targeting Brazil’s regional market, Elo is an ideal payment gateway due to its solid credibility among local consumers. By adding Elo to your payment gateway options, you can elevate the confidence level of Brazilian online buyers, reducing their need to resort to alternate payment systems or e-wallets. The reliability associated with the Elo name ensures secure credit card transactions for users.

Highlights of Elo’s Offerings:

Personalized Client Experience: Elo aims for a customer-centric approach, offering an expansive set of payment methods along with mobile app functionalities for efficient fiscal and transaction management. Beyond these core services, cardholders are treated to exclusive privileges such as international cash withdrawals and access to VIP airport lounges.

Prompt Transaction Confirmations: Engineered for expeditious transaction approvals, Elo’s platform provides immediate confirmation notifications to both buyers and sellers. Benefiting from its association with a wide network of issuing bodies, Elo streamlines the transaction flow for greater efficiency.

Fortified Security Safeguards: With a focus on maintaining stringent security standards, Elo continually updates its safety features. Currently, they provide value-added options like prepaid card availability, 3D Secure protocols, tokenization methods, and NFC-compliant payment solutions, in addition to their regular card services.

Broad Alliance Network: Elo’s calculated partnerships with over 30 varied issuing partners significantly widen its operational scope and market influence.

Elo’s Operational Mechanism: Upon making an online purchase, a customer inputs their payment credentials at the point of checkout. The transaction is then processed by the retailer’s payment system, and immediate feedback about the transaction’s success or failure is communicated. If the retailer’s payment infrastructure supports it, Elo can be seamlessly integrated as a checkout option.

Steps to Become an Elo Cardholder

To begin your journey with Elo, first head to their official website to examine the diverse range of card offerings, including credit, debit, and prepaid variations. Keep an eye on the list of banks that have an alliance with Elo; the brand emerged from a collaboration among top-tier Brazilian financial institutions like Banco do Brasil, Caixa Economica Federal, and Banco Bradesco. Upon zeroing in on a bank and card type that fits your requirements, you can either opt for an online application or visit a branch in person. Complete all mandatory paperwork and financial submissions. If your application gains approval, you may need to produce additional documents and meet particular eligibility benchmarks. Your card will be delivered to you either through mail or you can pick it up from a bank branch, depending on the bank’s standard procedures. Prior to your card’s first use, you’ll likely need to undergo a routine activation process. To ease account management, consider downloading Elo’s dedicated mobile app for tracking transactions and auditing your account balances.


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