AstroPay is a payment company that was founded in the UK in 2009. It is headquartered in the UK, but has an office in Latin America as well where it targets this region first of all. In particular, it operates in over 10 countries of the Latin American region.  This is an excellent alternative for the residents of the countries where it is hard to deliver payment methods, popular in the world.  This is actually a digital wallet giving users security as they manage money and conduct different operations.

AstroPay highlights

The platform is designed to deliver fast, simple payments and instant transactions. At this, the company offers security and guaranteed protection of privacy. 

The facility is convenient for users since it enables multi-currency payments and transactions. It is up to clients to decide if they want to use their local money or US dollars instead. The customer base of the service includes millions of users. The developers added the function of gift cards that can be used for online transactions. In this way, users may pay for online services with fast, easy transactions. It makes the facility the international payment system that gives the opportunity to pay for goods and services anywhere around the world. 

Using the service, consumers can acquire an electronic card and perform monetary transactions and make purchases over the web. One of the benefits of the system is lack of compulsory verification. The integration on the sites is easy. The team has prepared plugins for different shopping carts such as PrestaShop and WooCommerce. 

Gift cards are often offered with discounts. There is a round-the-clock dashboard at the disposal of members who have joined the system. Companies can use the API to integrate the payment system to the online store. There are all necessary tools needed to manage accounts.  

Cross border transactions are not problematic as the facility addresses the complexities that exist in the local markets. It is also easy to withdraw funds safely right from the site.

The platform offers such products as AstroPay vouchers, which is a virtual solution created for customers that need to perform real-time operations. The list of products also includes the AstroPay wallet that is known as One Touch that can simplify deposits and withdrawals. 

The website also has a Help Desk section where all common questions are clarified for users. The FAQ section throws light on basic concepts revealing work of the facility. It is easy to use the system. There are videos on the official website telling customers how to pay online with the assistance of this service and how to withdraw funds from the account.

It is enough just to create the link and share it with buyers. This is an easy and cost-effective payment solution. It means that merchants don’t even have to use websites to accept payments. They can create links and share it in social networks to get payments in seconds. 

This is an efficient solution for people on the go. The platform offers a mobile app for different operating systems so users can download it either on Google Play or in the Apple Store to get access to financial operations. It is possible to select from more than 200 payment methods and choose the most convenient one. 

Benefits of the system

  • Creation of payment links 
  • Wide selection of payment methods 
  • Easy registration
  • Mobile solution
  • Virtual AstroPay card that works as a bank card, but is stored on the phone

How to connect to the service

Merchants trying to join the system should contact the Astropay team and fill out the form. The team expands the customer base, as it provides multilingual service in English, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. It is enough to have a mobile phone to register and set up the AstroPay account. The platform uses email verification for the AstroPay service. 



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