TigerPay is an ewallet that allows you to hold and use different fiat currencies simultaneously. The project was created to improve the situation in the industry of payments. According to the statements of its founders, the payment process has become too complicated, so they decided to create the tools to avoid the hassles, when sophisticated calculations are needed to exchange the currencies. Since the fees and charges are also high in the sphere, there should be affordable instruments to make the process easier and cheaper. 

The platform can be used to sell commodities and services. This can be a good option for online stores that sell clothing, electronic appliances and equipment, businesses that belong to gaming, beauty, food, and other industries. It is also convenient to employ the system when selling services like delivery. The platform targets, primarily, Japanese and Asian consumers. 

After the wallet was established in 2021, the company started its active growth. It was rather efficient and earned a good customer base within the first year of work. It is not surprising, that the team that worked over TigerPay, was awarded a year later after its launch. In 2022, the platform received the Sigma award as a notable event in the industry. One of the reasons for this acknowledgement is the popularity of the system in the iGaming industry. 

TigerPay highlights

Being a unified payment platform for various fiat currencies, it also supports cryptocurrencies. It actually becomes a single hub where users can easily perform required monetary operations. This is also an excellent option for merchants who want to handle transactions seamlessly. Using the functionality of the platform, users can transfer their funds, and withdraw money when needed. 

The wallet is offered as an alternative to other methods of payments. Merchants can employ it as a cashless system for legal entities selling their commodities and services over the web. Cross-border transactions are simple with TigerPay. It is also possible to integrate many other payment options to this platform. In this way, consumers can select the preferable and most convenient method for them. It can be, for instance, a bank card, crypto payment or bank transfer. With several services integrated to the system, such as foreign currency exchange, the procedure becomes much easier. There is no need to leave the wallet to perform these operations. They can be performed right in the wallet.

It is easy to open multiple accounts. It is possible to register many accounts in the system for the members of your team. With batch account opening, emails to these people are sent so they can complete the registration procedure, entering their passwords. It is also convenient to pay to your overseas employees using this wallet, since it features the functionality for batch payments to numerous accounts on a certain date. 

Benefits of the system

  • Support of numerous currencies
  • Easiness of use
  • User friendliness 
  • A single interface for all currencies
  • Support of popular cryptocurrencies
  • Simplicity of cross-border payments and transactions
  • Integration of services
  • All financial operations are performed within one system
  • Best rates of currency exchange
  • Batch account opening
  • Smooth API work
  • Capability of batch remittance

Customers can also start a TigerPay account to pay for services and goods. However, it is needed to load the account first to start paying through it. Also, the facility is a good choice for people who want to transfer money, and to convert money to foreign currency, or Japanese Yen.

How to connect to the service

It is necessary to start a business account with the service if you want to connect to TigerPay and use it as a merchant.  It is required to fulfill KYC and KYB requirements to upgrade the business account. There is no information about the fees charged by the platform. Merchants should apply to the team individually to clarify the question. 


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TigerPay is an ewallet that allows you to hold and use different fiat currencies simultaneously. The…

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