Octopus Payment

Octopus Payment, a pioneering virtual card system, made its debut in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong in September 1997. The Octopus Card, as a timely and relevant solution, quickly eliminated the need for cards, tickets, and cash on buses, trams, ferries, and the renowned Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system.

It has evolved from its humble beginnings as a transportation fare payment option to a much larger use case within the country.

Octopus Payment emerged in Hong Kong as a solution to the city’s public transportation network’s payment challenges. When it came to paying for bus rides, tram rides, ferry rides, and the renowned Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system, it effectively rendered traditional cards, tickets, and even cash obsolete. 

Benefits of Octopus Payment

Government Services

The Hong Kong government is in full support of what Octopus stands for and this is reflected in how it has incorporated it into the payment of various government fees such as taxes, public library fees, and parking metres.

Environmental Friendliness

Octopus Payment has environmental benefits that align with the ethos of a green world. By reducing reliance on paper receipts in the form of traditional tickets, it indirectly reduces dependence on precious trees for papermaking, thereby reducing carbon footprints. 

Octopus Online Payment

Octopus Online Payment allows users to make secure and convenient transactions using their Octopus card or Octopus Wallet at any time and from any location. This includes:

  • Purchase Monthly Passes: Eliminate the need for manual renewals by purchasing monthly passes for the MTR, KMB, and Sun Ferry.
  • Retail Shopping: In addition to transportation and retail payments, Octopus can now be used to order food deliveries, shop at supermarkets, and pay telecom bills online, expanding its utility.
  • Octopus Wallet Expense Management: Octopus Wallet allows users to improve their payment experience. They can top up their Octopus whenever they want and earn rewards with each tap. Because of the Octopus Card, Hong Kong has evolved into a city where transactions are not only efficient but also intelligent.

Retail Shopping

Octopus is not just for transportation and retail payments. Users can now use their Octopus to order food deliveries, shop at supermarkets, and pay telecom bills online.

Manage Expenses with Octopus Wallet

Users can improve their Octopus payment experience by signing up for Octopus Wallet. Top up their Octopus anytime, anywhere, and earn rewards with every tap. Because of the Octopus Card, Hong Kong has become a city where transactions are not only efficient but truly smart.

How to get started on Octopus Payment

  • Register
  • Submit company verification information
  • Pay the setup fee for your business.
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