Coda-Payments, also known as Coda, is a reputable provider of monetary solutions with a global reach. This is a fintech startup that was based in 2011 in Singapore. The company has many offices in more than 30 countries of the world.

Coda partners with publishers of digital products, helping them to earn on their content. It can embrace games, mobile apps, services, apps, etc. For instance, it works with such famous companies as Tinder, or Activision Blizzard, to name a few. The facility serves over 50 markets. Coda’s ecosystem includes such services as Codapay, xShop, and CodaShop. They are often mutually complementary and function to help monetization issues globally. Companies try to sell their content so Coda is a reliable partner that delivers the service. 

The company is supported by many famous companies. The list includes GMO GlobalPayment Fund, which is managed by the Japan-based gateway, which is considered the largest in the country. The company was acknowledged for its fast growth in the ASEAN region. It also pioneered in the sphere of technologies, consequently, earning this title.

Coda Payments highlights

The platform tries to excel the digital experience for its customers. It works to provide the best value for its services. Codapay was the payment provider that cared not only about large developers, but small businesses that developed apps and didn’t even have a site to collect payments. Since they weren’t allowed to collect fees inside their apps, they applied to Coda with a request to create the solution for them. As a result, Codashop came up with a solution that offers numerous payment methods to the developers of mobile apps. 

In 2022, Coda raised 690+ million USD with the goal to provide easy cross-border payments for digital products such as games and mobile apps. The project was valued at 2.5 billion USD so it became a unicorn. Partially, it happened due to a pandemic with lots of people stuck at home. They used online services, played online games, and, consequently, had to pay for services. The revenue of the company quadrupled in size at that time. At the time of writing, the platform handles over a million transactions per day. At this, the company takes a 15% cut when shoppers top up their accounts or buy game accessories. The company competes with Google and Apple, but it charges 50% less, therefore its services are highly demanded. 

The company showed its high level of credibility as it expanded to other regions of the world. For instance, it was adopted fast in Africa, Indonesia, and other regions of Southeast Asia. Despite its rather fragmented landscape, the company sees huge potential in other regions with growing populations as well. 

The cutting edge feature of Coda Payments is the alternative it offers instead of the usual bank card payments. There are other ways to pay for online products and Coda has implemented these methods in its system. The options included e-wallets and carrier billing that were highly assessed by unbanked users. The company employs local payment methods to attract customers and help them feel more convenient as they pay via Coda Payments. The selection of options is huge. Customers can select from over 300 methods to pay for their products.

How to join the system

The number of regions where Coda is presented is impressive. There is a special support team for each area. The company invites all developers who want to earn on their products, whether this is a game, an app, or some other type of digital content. If you are a payment provider, contact the team to add your payment option to Codashop. Applicants are asked to submit a request through a contact form and wait for further instructions. 

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Coda-Payments, also known as Coda, is a reputable provider of monetary solutions with a global…

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