Paytap is a merchant service provider that is suitable for any business, regardless of size. The facility was created to offer a robust and reliable payment solution for companies, which are based primarily in Ireland and the UK. Using the system, companies can take payments anywhere, thus expanding their customer base. Privacy and security is guaranteed since the company follows the highest standards of security and offers PCI compliance. 

Members of the team consider business an essential part of a financial landscape in any locality whether it is a village, city or town. Consequently, it should have a range of proper instruments to develop and improve the economy of the region where it’s located. Choosing an efficient gateway, they select a cost-effective and flexible solution, thus contributing to better performance of companies. Paytap was designed to become an excellent option for merchants. 

Paytap highlights

The facility serves over 4,000 companies that accept card payments using the PayTap infrastructure. Experts say that it is possible to save up to 40% by paying a lower fee monthly. The platform provides price promise guarantee as well as assistance of dedicated managers when issues occur. 

 It is a good option when merchants need to accept payments over the counter, online, on phone, or on the move. The company also offers equipment for this purpose that includes innovative models of mobile and Bluetooth devices, making terminals available for clients everywhere. The platform has solutions for all types of payments, trying to take most of the available modern technologies and make the service convenient for merchants and their customers. Online payments are easy, secure and fast. There is a large network of card payment terminals. All these factors taken together help to streamline a large volume of payments.

The team always works to improve the level of service and increase customer satisfaction. At this, the facility employs affordable rates and advanced technologies. It can be suitable for any company that can expand the customer base. Business owners don’t have to worry about payments regardless of the company’s size. Using mobile payment methods, businesses can reach the market of any country.

The team includes highly professional experts so all work is performed on a high level. The facility offers customizable checkout that can be modified by merchants to adapt to client’s needs. It is possible to pay by link, which is an absolutely secure method of payment. High processing speed and lack of downtime are additional advantages of the facility. The e-commerce payment solution works with different shopping carts and is easily integrated. 

The equipment is easy to use and works on a “plug-and-play” principle.  Small-sized mobile devices with a functionality of a PAQ terminal can help merchants to process payments. The gadgets of a pocket size, work in the same way as fully loaded terminals. They can be easily connected through smartphones. This is an excellent solution for small businesses. The rates are 1-2%.

The company values transparency. Businesses don’t face hidden fees when partnering with this processor. Also, with ultimate control over customer relationships, the company can decide how to improve the service. It is also worth mentioning that the platform is highly rated on Trustpilot. 

Benefits the system

  • The capability to decrease PCI DSS demands;
  • Customization functionality;
  • Hosting of a payment page on a PCI DSS server;
  • Full control of a payment flow;
  • Stats and analytics tools;
  • Low prices;
  • Next page payout;
  • Round-the-clock dedicated support. 

How to connect to the service

The solution is easily installed without a setup fee. It is easy to connect to the service. The official website gives you the opportunity to fill out the application form in the beginning.  


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