GumBallPay is a payment platform that was founded in 2019. The company standing behind it is Pulaski Publicity LTD, which is an Estonian incorporation registered under the laws of Estonia. 

The platform primarily provides a payment gateway solution to ecommerce companies. The company takes all the hassle of businesses, which face many difficulties when they start working with online customers. The payment system strives to work to help companies to develop and grow. The platform specializes in high-risk industries, foremost. The solution offered by the company includes a fraud protection suite for merchants to stay protected from fraudsters and cyber criminals. 

GumBallPay highlights

With credit card processing offered by the platform, it is easy to accept payment from shoppers. It can become the best payment solution for the particular business. Funds are moved to the merchant’s accounts fast after the payment is completed. If needed, funds can also be refunded. The company has become the first step made by many startups and beginning merchants in online business.  

The platform provides easy integration of the payment system to your website with the most efficient card processing option for legal entities depending on the industry. The individual details of merchants are always taken into consideration, when the best option is selected for a client. 

 The system features powerful and robust infrastructure that can make any company successful. This is an excellent opportunity to expand the market for companies as it supports payments to 180 countries of the world. At this, the system adjusts to a local acquiring and applies optimized acceptance rates. 

Taking into account the focus on high-risk industries, much attention is paid to security. The company follows AML and KYC policy to protect its customers and reduce the risks of being involved in some kind of illegal activity. The above-mentioned policy refers to such aspects as verification, compliance, and risk assessment. Following the AML standards, the company establishes its own CDD (customer due diligence) procedures. The platform also monitors transactions to analyze activity of users and mitigate risks of illegal practices. For instance, it checks its users against black lists and investigates cases when suspicious transactions are spotted. 

It is always easy to get in touch with the support team, especially for merchants who concluded the agreement with the company and connected to the service. The members of the team are always ready to consult merchants, advise the best option and solve the issues that can arise. 

Why select the system

  • The platform is highly appreciated for its wide geography, as it gives the possibility to open new markets for businesses;
  • The team provides a smooth integration of the payment solution to a website or online store;
  • Merchants can rely on the support of a professional when the system is connected;
  • The company provides a smooth user experience;
  • In some cases, the integration is conducted by the specialists of GumBallPay;
  • The platform offers numerous popular payments, including MasterCard/VISA/Diners, etc. that helps to increase the customer base fast.  

Loyal customers can always rely on the partners of the service that improve their offerings, providing better terms to merchants, such as faster processing and lower fees for some categories of clients. The terms can be discussed with the members of the team.

How to connect to the platform

It is enough to fill out the form to connect to the platform. It includes several compulsory fields such as name, email, and additional ones, where you should enter the information about your company (name, phone, skype, telegram). There is also a field for the message there. Alternatively, merchants can just call the company and discuss all terms of partnership by phone. 



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