Doha Bank

Doha bank is Qatar-based financial institution that delivers banking services for common users and legal entities. The facility that started working in 1979 has numerous branches representative offices scattered throughout the world, in Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America. 

The bank offers businesses and corporate customers a better way to manage their finances. This is a dynamic financial institution that offers innovative, modern features, preserving old values.

In 2022, the bank was recognized the best in Qatar in many categories. For instance, it was awarded for the best digital wallet application, best credit card, and was named the most innovative in the country.

Doha Bank products

The bank’s in-house team of developers tries to create user-friendly and convenient products to strengthen the facility and support its clients. Here are some examples of these products below.

In 2007, the bank established Doha Sooq, which is an e-commerce marketplace with over 5,000 products in numerous categories in its assortment. The customer base of the marketplace exceeds 400,000 people. Merchants can sell their products on the platform securely with zero investments.  The marketplace provides huge traffic to merchants. It is easy to join it. Merchants should just register on the platform to start selling.

Doha Pay is one of the products that was developed by the bank to make payments easier for its clients. Using it, customers can add Doha cards to the wallet. Customers should have a valid Qatari phone number to register in the app.

Dbank Mobile is a mobile app that was created by the team of the bank to make service convenient for mobile clients. It features quick login with biometric authentication, scheduled future payments, prepaid e-vouchers, e-statements, local and international money transfer, and many other features.

Doha Bank benefits for merchants

The facility offers a reliable online payment gateway to companies and individual entrepreneurs, which can easily get Internet payments for their commodities and services. Merchants, partnering with the bank, can offer usual POS payments to their clients. The facility accepts all types of cards and multiple payment options. It takes a couple of days to credit funds after approval of transactions.

The benefits include the robust infrastructure available round-the-clock, efficiency and speed of transaction processing, numerous security layers, and the flexibility of the payment platform that makes the integration simple. Merchants can also rely on technical support at any time. The support team is available without days off.

The bank understands the role of small and middle-sized enterprises for the economical development of the country and the region. Therefore, it founded Tatweer, which is a specialized banking solution for SMEs and presents many banking and financial services that contribute to the work of companies.

How to connect to the system

It is possible to apply for the service on the official website of the bank that asks the applicants to fill out the form. It is also possible to contact the manager of the bank on the phone offered on the site of the platform.

Businesses should provide several documents to be eligible for solutions offered by the bank. It refers, primarily, to Tatweer solutions. The list of documents can be found on the official website. There is also a list of criteria there that determine what company is eligible to apply for the service. 


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