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Companies usually face issues while paying out the salaries to the employees, as it becomes a challenge for SMEs and startups to keep a record of all the salary accounts. However, proposing easy solutions to employees in Qatar, QPay Payment Gateway is launched. Introduced in 2011, it is one of Qatar’s most significant financial technology service networks for small and medium enterprises, following three essential services – 

  • IBAN Salary Card -Finding out the central problem of salary credits in SMEs, the QPay payment solution allows companies to issue an IBAN Salary card to their employees. Through this, they process their salaries in the issued cards, and employees are given the flexibility to directly pay from this card for online and in-store purchases or to withdraw amounts from ATM. 
  • WPS Payment Payroll – Considering the wage protection system in UAE, the portal allows companies to transfer salaries to employees’ bank accounts within 60 seconds, saving a lot of effort and time on the enterprises’ end. 
  • E-commerce and e-billing – Apart from the salary benefits, the portal can also be compared to e-commerce platforms, which allow users to pay directly from their IBAN or other registered bank cards. 

Headquarters for QPay are located in Doha, Qatar, and the company has been delivering its financial services since 2011, as the website claims. 

Advantages of Using QPay 

The official QPay website shows that the portal has over 60+ partners, 2,00,000+ card holders, and 14,000+ registered business owners. 

Since the portal specialises in payroll and e-commerce services, the following are the benefits of using the services from QPay. 

For Payroll Services:

  • The service provider has no additional charges for WPS and salary processing, facilitating cost-saving benefits for employees and companies. 
  • It offers employees the most secure and fastest salary transfer solutions through mobile or web interfaces. 
  • Employees can also use the IBAN Salary cards for personal and professional use and have a complete record of all the transactions on their mobile app. 

For E-Commerce:

  • QPay has the lowest transaction fees for all the digital transactions. 
  • The portal does not require any collateral to get started with the payment solution and has an in-built e-billing solution for the company’s ease. 
  • The payment gateway can easily be integrated into online websites and offers additional user and invoice tracing features. 
  • Through QPay, registered merchants will have 24/7 access the sales report, ensuring maximum safety and complete transparency. 

How to Use QPay? 

QPay has simple procedures to get the benefits of the services. All you need to do is sign up at the portal with your username and email ID. According to the selected service, the portal will ask for various company or employee-related information. 

Since the portal complies with PCI-DSS, all the provided information is 100% safe and secure. 

Employees can download the QPay mobile application on Android and iOS to get a complete record of the transactions.


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