Payspine is an Indonesian payment processing company that serves merchants and organizations. This is actually a payment hub that targets clients in the Asia-Pacific and ASEAN countries. The platform connects merchants to numerous banks and PSPs to process online bank card payments and attract more customers.

However, this is not the only area the platform specializes in. The company works with diverse networks to deliver trustworthy online solutions to customers. The platform’s basic focus is promotion and online advertising, marketing and risk management. The team includes mainly online marketing experts with huge expertise in the field. It is also worth mentioning the participation of the company in banner advertising, SMS campaigns, blogs and social media. 

Payspine highlights

The company consults on the issues of cardholder authentication, and offers diverse solutions for risk management systems, for instance, Geo IP address verification that prevent suspicious actions and computer configurations. With BIN lookup, the procedure of BIN check is conducted to validate the card issuing bank. The company also tries to determine velocity when looking at numerous payments from the same IP and checking the attempts of repeated transactions from one device. 

Using AVS (address verification system), the company tries to check the identity of the person who wants to acquire the credit card. The system uses the data it has and checks the billing address of the person. Much work is conducted to check the card numbers against positive and negative databases. The company tries to reveal credit cards with a history of chargebacks or fraud that took place previously. It helps to determine trusted customers and those involved in fraudulent activity in the past. Along with these tasks, CVV and CVV2 match is performed to see if the person can validate the credit card by entering the four-digit code of the card. 

The company always develops top-notch solutions to meet the demands of small businesses. The platform offers a large number of payment methods that can be used by companies to attract customers and increase the customer base. 

The facility is a global provider of services that work throughout the globe. Merchants using the system can accept payments almost anywhere. It is available in Brasilia, African, and European countries. Still, the managers of the platform try to expand the number of payment options and make the platform more competitive in the market. 

Customer service is very responsive. Merchants can discover solutions that fit the business needs of diverse companies and select the best one for the particular company. Explore solutions presented on the website of the company to decide on the option for your company. 




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