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Xendit is an Indonesian payment system that takes one of the leading positions in its home country. The company also takes a top position in the market of Southeastern Asia. In particular, it works in the Philippines and Indonesia, where it is built uniquely with regards to their specifics.

The gateway processes over a million of transactions each month, thus helping businesses of the region to accept payments from customers without effort. Highly developed infrastructure with speed-lightning API contribute to the growth of merchants and their enterprises.

Apart from payment processing, the platform is involved in numerous activities as it runs marketplaces. The list of duties include disbursement of payroll and loans, fraud detection and steady business growth.

Xendit highlights

When the platform was created, the main focus was made on simplicity, security, and ease of use. It is a customer-centered facility, so everything is organized with customers in mind. The services managed by the platform use a proprietary dashboard user interface, and advanced API developed by the team. The infrastructure and software of the facility makes the work easier and more effective.

The features include a centralized dashboard, simple reporting functionality, and regular reconciliation on a daily basis. The customer service works flawlessly being attentive to all needs of users. The members of the team react to clients’ requests without delay. Besides, users can take advantage of personalized customer service. It is possible to use live chat, emails, and phone calls. Phone calls are available on work hours only.

The documentation of the platform is detailed and clearly written. There is a special section for developers, and the one for small and medium-sized enterprises. Platforms and businesses can explore the section of payments where all nuances of money matters are described. There various CMS can find no-code plugins and try different features before launching full activity. Developers can use the company’s SDK and API reference to tailor all processes.

Benefits of the system

The advantages of using the payment platform include:

  •         Use of international and local payment methods;
  •         The possibility of using payment links and getting payments through a checkout page;
  •         Effortless integration with various e-commerce builders.

Xendit fees and payment methods

It is sufficient to make a single integration for users of the system, which works with bank cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallets. Other methods of payment are also available within the space environment. It is recommended to apply to the team of the company to specify a full list of available methods of payment. The platform doesn’t specify the prices, but mentions that rates are competitive. Also, it mentions additionally that customers don’t face hidden fees on the platform. Merchants should choose the services depending on their requirements.

How to join the Xendit system

It is always easy to become a client of the payment system that enables easy integration with live URLs, and APIs. It is possible to try the service first in a sandbox before making the right decision. It usually takes a day or two to start getting transactions via the platform.  



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