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Inpay is a project that is dedicated to the creation of improved business processes. This is a privately held company that was created in 2008. The company’s team tries to develop products to enable the smooth work of enterprises. The main goal of the company is to create low-cost, rapid and simple solutions. This mainly concerns cross-border payments. The facility tries to develop the best solution for legal entities so that they can perform efficiently. Since these financial operations are time-consuming and costly, many businesses need professional assistance to solve the problem more easily. 

This is the solution that can reduce expenses on cross-border transactions to a minimum. In this way, all are satisfied with the solution. It positively affects both sides, senders and receivers. Members of the platform don’t encounter delayed payments, and don’t have to pay extra-fees. The system is designed to avoid complicated procedures. The solution became a good alternative to SWIFT wire transfers. 

Inpay history

The conception of the company appeared after the disaster that took place in Myanmar in 2008. A deadly cyclone killed over 100,000 people. A person from Denmark wanted to help people in trouble and send money, but discovered that much money was spent on fees. Also, the money transfer took many days. There was no way to send money fast to support orphans. He was very upset and decided to establish Inpay to provide this possibility.

Why Inpay is helpful

This is an excellent solution in the conditions of emergency but not only that. Just imagine the case when the European company hired consultants in different countries of the world. It has to send payments to them regularly in the currencies of their countries. The task seems to be complicated and time-consuming until you learn more about Inpay. This Danish company can transfer these funds with ease. The client’s company just needs to transfer the amount of payments in euros to its Inpay account. Inpay will take care of the rest, completing payments to their employees on a set schedule. The system is ready to fulfill all instructions and pay an individual amount to every specialist.

To sum it up, the system offers alternative payment solutions, available globally, so the benefits include:

  • Huge geographic coverage
  • Security, since users are protected by regulatory bodies controlling the platform
  • Flexibility
  • Smooth and effort-free settlement
  • Fast international transfers
  • Easy management of complicated payment schemes

How it works

The platform receives the bulk payment performed in the local currency. Then it splits the bulk amount into different transactions to the members of the team located in different countries of the world. The disbursement of payments occurs in real time via a huge domestic network. As a result, all payments are completed in time. 

Inpay highlights

At the time of writing, the system handles over 500,000 transactions per month. The solution is available in more than 100 countries. The platform is FSA-regulated, hence it’s secure. The facility was highly assessed by customers. The customer base of the platform is growing fast.

For security, the company uses AML and KYC policy, so it is necessary to comply with these rules to use the system.

How to join the system

Customers who plan to join the system, should use the contact form on the official website of the company. They should type in their name, the company’s name, and the company’s email. Submit the application to join the system. 



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