Payment Asia

Payment Asia is a Hong Kong-based platform that offers breakthrough online payment technology. The facility offers basically online payments processing and settlement services. The team includes highly experienced dedicated experts. They create the system with innovative and promising features, making the facility highly competitive on the market. 

The work over innovative features never ends so it can make the facility a leader in the market. The main goal it pursues is to make all payments smooth. The company’s researchers are active participants in the process of development. They develop financial technologies taking the whole industry forward.

Highly qualified specialists working for the team always try to enhance the system and hone it to perfection. Their constant wish to improve the service helps users of the platform to use the best practices in the industry. Merchants can improve their competitiveness and make the platform more attractive. 

Payment Asia is a participant of the most noteworthy events in the industry. In 2023, it took part in the Hong Kong BPE, which is a famous Product Shopping Festival. There it installed electronic POS for merchants for free and allowed them to accept payments from popular wallets as well.

Payment Asia highlights

The targeted audience includes small and medium-sized companies. However, even large multinational enterprises are served by the facility. Since the date of its foundation in 1999, the company has evolved into a powerful system that offers versatile payment options such as debit/credit banks, electronic wallets, and tailor-made multi-channel payment solutions. 

The team invested much effort and time into innovation. It took approximately 10 years to attain excellent results in the field. The platform introduced new elements to its payment technology with the goal to make it more efficient. It added, for instance, e-sales, digital marketing and e-logistics to make the processes smooth and rapid. 

Also, the team tried to simplify the system for consumers allowing them to pay with numerous payment methods. The company that can boast dynamic development has accumulated huge expertise in the sphere. The number of merchants it serves has exceeded 10,000. The figure includes both local and international merchants. 

The platform pays much attention to secure services. It also cares about the compliance of companies’ data assets. The facility tries to build long-term relationships with legal entities on the basis of mutual benefits. 

The company is a good option for e-commerce companies. It improves the penetration of e-commerce in the market, making it more common for the majority of users. It helps retailers switch to online operations thus changing the whole system at its core. 

The platform uses a wealth management tool, which is known as Trust that helps private persons and legal entities to manage assets. It provides support to asset injection, helps to establish either a corporate or personal Trust account, issue credit cards, make bill payments, issue credit cards, and more.

Knowing about the problems that exist in the global market of payments, the team of the company wanted to alleviate transactions for merchants. The facility introduced IBAN to make e-commerce activity and settlement easier. It is possible to use it for multi-currency international transactions. One of the benefits of the system is the capability to open IBAN without visiting the company.  Cross-border payments are performed within a day, while rates for popular currencies are competitive and profitable. 


  • It is easier to achieve success as you use a reliable gateway provider;
  • Suitability of the solution for companies of different sizes;
  • Use of Trust, wealth management tools;
  • Centralization of transaction management referred to master account;
  • Use of the Open Banking with its features such as QR codes, etc.;
  • Use of IBAN for higher efficiency, lower exchange rate, remote account opening and numerous other features. 

How to join the system

Merchants are invited to contact the team for details. They promise to respond within a business day after you submit your request. The information that is requested from you is specified on the ‘Contact Us’ page and includes such data as the address, phone, email, and WhatsApp. 


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