Bank of Beirut (BoB)

Bank of Beirut (BoB) is a commercial bank that started working in 1963 in Lebanon and adopted its present name in 1970. The establishment literally follows its slogan “banking beyond borders” since it serves customers on four continents, operating 90 branches. Most of them (66) are located in Lebanon, while the rest operate in Australia, UK, Oman, Nigeria, and Cypress. 

Bank of Beirut Highlights

Bank of Beirut is often chosen by merchants since it provides the most accessible payment experience for customers. They can be sure of absolute security of the Merchant Services. The facility offers an extensive range of secured tailored payment solutions that employ the advanced technologies such as contactless payments for processing of debit and credit card payments. The team of the bank developed tailored solutions enabling shoppers to pay without effort. The developers work much to make the payment procedure simple, regardless of the method employed for it. 

The facility allows payment through the web store for businesses selling their commodities or services online. The funds are collected directly into the accounts of merchants using the e-commerce gateway platform by MasterCard. It is also possible to pay through E-Invoicing, the feature similar to physical invoices but delivered electronically. So, any merchant can issue the one from a central dashboard, add the logo of a business company and manage it the way that is required.  E-commerce gateway offered by the bank is highly efficient and gives companies an opportunity to earn, accepting payments from any cards round-the-clock. 

Features available for bank users include:

  • The account management along with the statement of bank account inquiries.
  • Account-to-account transfer functionality, whether it is a domestic third-party or international bank account.
  • Real-time tracking of deposits.
  • It is possible to request a chequebook.
  • Users can monitor uncollected cheques.
  • The bank employs advanced security features. 

Using Instacash service, the bank provides instant transfer of money. The facility employs Mobile Banking and Online services for that and doesn’t involve the third party. In Lebanon the delivery services are spread across Bank of Beirut’s ATMs or BoB Finance POS. The sender should provide the recipient with security codes including the ID number of transaction and withdrawal code. The initiator can also cancel the pending transfer. 

Merchants can get access to the Bank of Beirut’s corporate Online Banking platform to increase the sales volume and improve the cash flow. The bank developed digital solutions to settle salaries or wages for employees or seasonal workers. Business Pay Cards are used to pay employees automatically. The solution can also be used to pay grants by NGOs. 

 The list of fees and charges is provided on the official website of the bank for better transparency. BoB POS machines can accept all kinds of cards, including contactless, EMV, and MSR operations. The DCC feature enabled by the bank allows foreign shoppers to make payments in their domestic currency. The cash register connection to the terminal helps to remove mistakes from entering the incorrect amount on the machine. 

How to connect to the system

Bank of Beirut offers merchants to apply for POS machines. A merchant should fill out the form and enter a name, a company or organization name, email and mobile number of the applicant. 

It is possible to contact the team of the bank using the ChatBot or DiGi BoB Live available on the official website of the platform. You can select the chatting option to your taste. 


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