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Network International Jordan

Network International Jordan (NI), previously known as Emerging Markets Payment is a provider of payment solutions that was founded in Dubai. The company standing behind the platform is Network International LLC, established as a payments subsidiary of Emirates Bank in 1994. The company focuses on customers in the MEA region (Middle East and Africa).  Over 130 highly-qualified professionals work to provide the best possible service to its clients. So it is not surprising that the customer base of the platform is huge. The official website reports about 200+ financial establishments served by NI along with 70K merchants, operating in over 50 countries of the world. 

NI tries to keep abreast of times, providing a reliable payments platform, which actively participates in the processes described above. It helps to develop the sector of digital commerce and strives to provide secure access to cheap financial services to common people. The platform emphasizes such priorities as clarity, transparency, and integrity as it serves its customers. With years, NI has become a reliable partner for many companies, which apply for acquiring services, financial and retail payments solutions. 

NI highlights

Network International Jordan is an Amman-based company. Using comprehensive and precious knowledge of the local market, NI employs robust and effective infrastructure, equipped with up-to-date technologies, to cater to the needs of retail businesses, merchants, banks, companies from the hospitality industry, and more. 

Working for over 20 years in the industry, the facility has acquired extensive expertise, so it is capable of creating and optimizing payment solutions to suit any business. The company follows modern trends as society shifts from a cash-based economy to an electronic payments economy, thus contributing to the growth of the developing African and Middle Eastern markets. It opens incredible prospects for investors and businesses. 

The platform also offers POS services. There are comprehensive solutions for different types of merchants regardless of their business size. For instance, the facility offers the installation of POS terminals and their maintenance. The company tries to improve customer satisfaction and reduce expenses of merchants. It also trains merchants when providing point of sale services. The value-added services also include DCC (Dynamic Version Conversion). It means that it doesn’t matter where the POS machine is installed. Despite the location, the merchants are going to bill the local currency for the convenience of clients. The offering includes a variety of payment schemes that suit different industry segments. This flexibility turns NI into the top payment company in its region. 

The solutions include the dial-up POS that is connected through a phone; a wireless machine GPRS with its own connectivity that doesn’t depend on other equipment; IP machines with the connection through Internet lines for high-speed processing; integrated solution (electronic cash register) that features direct connection with NI and doesn’t require POS. 

Why select the system

The reliability of the payment gateway offered by the platform attracts online customers. Merchants can effortlessly integrate the system to their online stores. Sticking to all security standards, the service is PCI compliant and safe for customers. 

The team of the company cares about the integrity of personal information, trying to prevent the activity of cybercriminals. The company works together with the card associations to demonstrate the security of their e-commerce payment processing solutions. Being compliant with regulations and rules of international financial bodies, the platform delivers service on a world-class level.

How to connect to the service

Merchants should fill out the form that can be found on the official website of the company and submit a request to join the system. 



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