Areeba is a payment system with high-end infrastructure headquartered in Beirut. The company behind the system pursues the goal to achieve operational excellence in the payment industry. The facility offers a unique set of services that practice an individual approach when delivered to customers. Areeba offers digital payments and merchant acquiring along with other services required by clients. 

Areeba highlights

The main focus in the work is made on innovation that puts the company at the forefront of the industry. The team explores new ideas and techniques and introduces the most successful ones into work to improve the customer service, thus contributing to the development of the whole industry. 

The payment platform actively cooperates with banks and acquirers, helping them to arrange payment acceptance services. As a result, the financial organizations can focus on their activities without worrying about payment operations and infrastructure. Since the platform employs advanced technologies and robust security infrastructure, it is possible to implement the most complicated tasks that cover the most innovative payment solutions. The company complies with international payment standards in its work. Highly qualified specialists with good technical expertise are involved in the project, consequently, it is possible to manage the complicated projects with ease. 

Areeba supports ATM connectivity – a very useful property that helps to attain high-level scalability with ATM switching. It employs international schemes and domestic networks for easy work of the system. There is a wide range of services between Hosts and ATMs. Apart from the standard services, including fast cash, mini statement, cash deposit and others, the company offers additional services such as bill payment, check deposit, etc. 

Why choose Areeba

Areeba offers such acceptance solutions as in-store payment with POS terminals that accept contact and contactless payments from such cards as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover/and Diners via wireless terminals, Android smart POS. There are solutions for online and in-app payments for B2B and B2C customers, as well, that guarantee absolute security and are integrated perfectly. The payments can be performed in different currencies. Such features as easy checkout and recurrent payment received due to tokenization makes the shopping experience more comfortable. 

Soft POS offered by Areeba enables payments from contactless cards and mobile wallets from portable devices. In this case, purchase of hardware is not required. The problem is solved with software developed by the payment processor, so the payments can be done on the move. 

There are also self-service operations that ensure easy transactions for businesses that can employ unattended kiosk payments. This is a perfect solution for parking lots, educational organizations, and hospitals. Using Areeba, it is possible to accept QR payments. 

Areeba helps to install POS and integrate payment solutions with a merchant’s website. It can provide authorization and processing of transactions. The company also performs the following tasks: 

  • Clearing, 
  • Settlement, 
  • Risk and fraud management, 
  • Handling merchant’s claims and queries, 
  • Compliance with scheme regulation.

In addition to all this, Areeba handles disputes and chargeback when such necessity arises. 

How to connect to the platform

You should contact the team of the platform and submit the request including the details of your company. The staff of the company will inform you about the rates. 

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