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Credit Libanais

Credit Libanais is Lebanon’s leading bank that was established as a joint-stock company in 1961. Now the branches of the financial institution can be found in Cyprus, Senegal, Bahrain, and Lebanon. It is also the eighth largest subsidiary bank of Senegal. The bank is operated by CL Group.

Credit Libanais provides a vast array of services that are offered globally through its local branches. Along with classical banking activities, Credit Libanais offers a range of sophisticated services including e-commerce, POS, e-banking services, and ATM networks.

The benefits of Credit Libanais

The bank offers different types of accounts for enterprises such as:

 Term savings account, which is great for individual and joint use. The minimum amount is 1000 USD.

  • Sight Savings account, which enables account holders to earn interest.
  • Salary domiciliation service for direct transfer of salaries.
  • Merchant access account, which is a current account with savings options.
  • Current corporate account.
  • Corporate accounts.
  • CLIB savings account, which offers high rates on blocked deposits.

The bank aims to deliver a great customer experience. for merchants. Within the frames 2-year digital transformation strategy, accepted by the facility, it acquired a high-tech contact center infrastructure that enabled it to attain an omnichannel seamless customer experience. 

A partnership with NCR corporation that the bank started in 2017 helped the financial institution to improve its e-banking services portfolio. New technology helped the bank to process transactions faster. The software platform developed by NCR is convenient for quick integration with existing core banking and its CRM systems. In this way, it is easy to install and deploy the platform.

Using a Merchant Access Account, the companies get many possibilities that open ways for retail businesses. The business owners can process their payments electronically via the affiliate Credit Card Management (CCM) that connects to the point of sales (POS). It performs the processing of transactions directly to your bank account at a rate of 2-4% depending on the business type and the country. The benefits include the possibility of a dual currency current account, free checkbooks, and electronic funds transfer (EFT) on the transactions on the Merchant Access Account within 24 hours.

Business model

The bank is a reliable partner for companies and institutions as it helps to extend competitive products to enterprises. There are simple and sophisticated solutions companies can use for internal and external transactions. The banks support businesses offering them the account setup, extensive range of services, loans, investment banking, and insurance plans. 

How to connect to the system

There is an application form on the official website of the bank where merchants should fill out fields to be connected to VISA Merchant Service. After the form is completed, merchants get ID and password through the chosen method of communication. The signed contract should be sent to the bank fax. For more information, contact a Customer Service Agent via e-mail or phone, provided on the website. 



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