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Zen Payments

Zen Payments, launched in 2017 in Provo, United States, is a tech company which provides customised payment solutions to moderate to high-risk platforms. Various industries like travel, MLM, CBD, nutraceutical, coaching, tech support, credit repair, firearms, and subscription always risk payment and fraud. Zen payments, therefore, facilitate secure payments for these portals. It is a PCI-DSS-compliant service provider for merchants and offers the following – 

  • Chargeback prevention, 
  • Debit cards, credits card, e-wallets and e-checks payment processing options, 
  • Fraud prevention, 
  • Payment processing in different currencies, 
  • Legal merchant account, 
  • Free virtual terminal access. 

Zen Payments has partnered with 15 financial institutions and processors, providing merchants with bank options. Moreover, the platform support all the top and most opted e-commerce developing platforms, including WooCommerce, Recurly, Shopify, Clickfunnels, ChargeBee, BigCommerce, Konnektive and others. 

Zen payments also facilitate credit card processing solutions, and all the major credit cards, including VISA, Discover, MasterCard, and AMEX, are accepted. The platform’s integration also accepts pin-based credit cards, and other payment methods like Google Pay, EBT cards or Apple Pay, with the benefits of affordable rates, free virtual terminal access and affordable pricing. 

Advantages of Using Zen Payments 

  • Zen Payments have a strict underwriting procedure, reducing the account closure risk. 
  • Zen payments provide same-day fund access to merchants, reducing the long and overnight waiting periods. 
  • It accepts payments in multi-currencies like British pounds, Euros, USD and others. 
  • The company offers 4+ payment gateway integration options from Authorize.net, PayFlow Pro, Cybersource, etc. 
  • The platform also provides a virtual terminal which allows merchants to accept orders online via email, phone and other ways. 
  • Zen Payments offer physical processing (countertop and mobile) terminal options for in-person transactions with retail merchants, which can be integrated through POS systems into mobile devices. 
  • The platform has 98% account services approval rates, even with low credit score merchants. 
  • Zen Payments offer chargeback and fraud prevention to reduce losses and manage disputes. 
  • Zen Payments is accredited with an A+ rating by BBB, has 5-star ratings on Google and is always appreciated by its users with positive reviews. 
  • There are no chances of any hidden fee imposition by Zen payments, and all the charges or fees are disclosed during login or sign-up, which lasts till the de-activation of your account. 

How to Use Zen Payments?

The account setup time for a moderate-risk merchant account is around 24-72 hours, but only when all the documentation and other requirements are completed. For other high-risk accounts, setup time is about 1-2 weeks.  

To set up Zen payments, log in or sign up as a partner or merchant at Zen Payments platform. Once done, you need to select the industry type (based on the risks involved) and the requirements from the platform to get started. To learn more about Zen payments, connect with customer care executives at (877)-715-4501, available 24/7. 



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