MaxMind is a company that provides IP intelligence services, employing geolocation. The Massachusetts-based company was established in 2002. More than 5,000 companies use GeoIP data for different purposes. Useful information provided by the platform for businesses and organizations can reduce chargebacks and fraud-related losses. 

There are other reasons as well to determine the location of online visitors. It is needed for the display of relevant content and ads, for analytics, and enforcement of digital rights. Besides, it is employed by the companies to efficiently route Internet traffic. 

MaxMind highlights

The value of GeoIP data provided by the company can’t be underestimated. The team has developed numerous products to strengthen the security and efficiency of businesses. One of the company’s products delivers risk scoring and risk data that has to do with online transactions. Using the information received from the service, companies can get additional insights into such details as connection speeds of their visitors, ISPs, and other things.

One of the company’s most successful products is minFraud that takes a top place in the industry. The team launched it to help enterprises to protect themselves from fraud as they perform online transactions. Businesses can save millions of dollars due to the reduction of manual review. The minFraud service employs screening of more than 175 million transactions monthly. It also screens account registrations. At the time of writing, more than 7,000 companies use the service via partnering networks.

There are different ways to determine the location of an IP address. The process is sometimes rather sophisticated, but it can ultimately figure out which company owns an IP address and then assume that the IP address is linked to the office of the company. As was mentioned above, the tool is often used to assess the risk of online transactions. However, it is acute for other digital actions as well. It is applied, for instance, to account registrations, incentive payouts, referrals, etc. 

It is important to understand the potential of data collected with the assistance of high-quality geolocation tools developed by Maxmind. This is, primarily, a condition for successful marketing that requires high-quality data about the target audience. Being a part of the advanced marketing tactics, it provides a cutting-edge advantage to business and helps to be ahead of your business rivals. The more entrepreneurs know about their target audience, the easier it is to reach them with less effort. They should understand the demands of their customers, their preferences and expectations to meet the requirements and earn their loyalty. The success achieved in this sphere easily converts to high revenues for years to come.

Companies can enhance user experience when they apply MaxMind data correctly. This is hard to do without in-depth analysis obtained thanks to data received from using geolocation data. It allows creating targeted, personalized ads.

Geo-intelligence instruments are useful for the detection of fraud through the examination of a customer’s banking behavior. For instance, it looks suspicious if a customer withdraws assets from an ATM at some location and at the same time gets access to his account at an absolutely different location. It is possible to analyze the activity of this kind with the development of client profiles and analysis of the transaction behavior, determining points of potential risk, and looking at the geography of transactions. 


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