Cleveland Bank

Cleveland Bank is an international financial institution that combines the features of a regular bank and online payment system. It turns the platform into a universal instrument that can be applied anywhere. The bank has offices in Dubai and Tanzania. There is also a registered office in Tifariti, SADR, which is a territory of Western Sahara. 

A competitive edge of the system is a banking license number that helps the payment system to stand out in the market. The license provides the benefits of a legal bank, therefore the establishment can work without limits. It is possible to create accounts for corporate clients and individuals. 

Cleveland Bank highlights

The bank offers e-banking services and helps to solve all financial issues online. Customers don’t have to go to the bank to transfer money or perform other operations. It is enough to have a device and Internet connection to do it. What is unique about this system is that the company helps merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Since the establishment has a banking license number, it can serve any client regardless of jurisdiction. The clients are served by corporate banking professional specialists that can easily resolve any issue. They can also offer the most suitable option that meets the needs of the specific company. 

The bank also presents a package of management solutions to optimize the cash flow in the best way possible, thus reducing extra expenditures on it. The bank offers Quick Account Opening feature for its clients. At this, the following services are offered to users: Crypto, International Transfers, Cash Deposits, Western Union, International Cheques, Cheque Clearance, Card Payment Processing, and Cards.

 The bank works with the Corporate Clients that represent different industries. In contrast to other banks, Cleveland is ready to deal with high-risk industries. It also works with offshore jurisdictions. The platform is a fit even for the most challenging cases. Merchants who faced difficulties, trying to open the account, can apply to this bank for the service. 

The bank has a network of banking partners that helps the facility to cope with all tasks. Clients can take advantage of this opportunity. It is great to get support in business to ensure your capital works for you the best way possible. Most of the bank’s partnerships are long-term. It means that the establishment is worth considering. The facility often plays a key role in the development of businesses since it is involved in the arrangement of business. 

The infrastructure of the bank is designed with the focus on flexibility. This is precious under modern circumstances. The bank sticks to KYC policy, trying to satisfy the AML requirements to protect their clients. The bank offers a robust API for the convenience of its users. 

How to connect to the system

The specialists of the bank are ready to offer the best option for almost any customer. The applicant should select the type of the account, prepare the required documents and complete the application process. The account is activated through the wire or cryptocurrency transfer.  

The bank’s pricing policy is simple, while the rates are affordable. However, it doesn’t publish its fees on the official website, asking merchants to contact the bank for this. Customers can contact the bank by phone, or email. 


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