Gr4vy is a cloud-based payment platform and a centralized vault that presents an easy, integrated solution for merchants and e-commerce businesses. Using it, small-sized companies can increase conversion easier. They don’t have to write a code to create a payment solution from scratch. They can just apply to Gr4vy and employ a ready-made technical solution. This is a payment orchestration facility that may change the future of the industry.

Gr4vy highlights

The software developed for the system is an ideal choice for scaling of a growing enterprise. It is easy to deploy and manage payments with it. The solution is easily customized and optimized by users. The platform offers a robust and cloud-based infrastructure that also contributes to better performance of the system. 

Gr4vy gives tons of possibilities to create the payment experience you need. It works equally well for customers and businesses. In this way, customers get a personalized payment method at checkout. The team applies smart routing to optimize payment costs and remain cost-effective for all parties. 

With data received from the platform, merchants and businesses can make research and determine what payment options are preferred by consumers. It helps to improve work and get more revenue afterwards. 

Merchants can optimize the payment stack to get optimal pricing and transactions successful. With smart routing, the rates of approval increase. The platform helps to provide more payment methods to customers who can pay how they wish. A wide choice of payment helps to reduce redundancy and improve the conversion of merchants. 

There is also an essential thing to consider during the research. This is PCI compliance that is of the utmost importance, as personal data must be well-protected and treated cautiously. All other things won’t matter without it. Though merchants are connected to a single interface they can work with different payment providers that enter the centralized vault. Despite the participation of several parties in the project, the platform is entirely secure and can collect user data easily. PCI compliant policy makes collection and storage of user data well-protected. 

The team added a tokenization feature that makes the system and its users less vulnerable. It decreases risk of data breaches and makes customers experience seamless thus improving customer trust and strengthening their loyalty. 

Users of the system are not limited with choice of specific PSP and can select the suppliers they need. Merchants don’t have to hire costly services of developers to integrate the system to the website since the integration doesn’t require knowledge of code. The platform also allows to add such new tools as cryptocurrencies and open banking. 

PCI DSS Level 1 compliance gives businesses security and protection. It also helps them to economize on its acquisition, since it is rather expensive. Supporting local data residency, the platform meets the requirements of law regulation bodies.  The company is also SOC2 certified to remove all worries of users. The company is a good choice for European enterprises since it is GDPR-compliant. In accordance with this compliance, the system is capable of growing the customer base without collecting users’ personal info. 

Gr4vy is a technically convenient solution as it can be updated fast without blocking cash flows and downtime. 

Benefits of the system

  • Support of local payment systems
  • Choice of suppliers
  • High level of security
  • Smart routing
  • Optimization of payment costs
  • Personal choice of suppliers
  • Tokenization of the system 
  • Easy integration of the system without code

How to connect to the service

Merchants can fill out the form on the official website of the platform to get in touch with the team and discuss the terms of cooperation. 




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