DANA Payment

DANA stands as Indonesia’s premier digital wallet, elevating cashless and cardless spending to new heights. 

Supported by Indonesia’s finest talents, DANA evolves into a comprehensive solution for your everyday needs. From money transfers and transactions at DANA-affiliated merchants to mobile credit top-ups and bill payments – DANA is there.

At the moment, DANA supports more than 30 million users, in over 100 countries, has a high market relevance, and is widespread across Asia Pacific regions. Still, DANA is a simple mobile wallet, backed by Espay Debit Indonesia Koe.

DANA’s Features for Consumers and Businesses

As a DANA user, you can pay for anything you need with a few clicks of a button on your mobile phone. Additionally, you can send money to other DANA users without any fees. You can:

  • Top up the wallet
  • Save Cards
  • Withdraw money
  • Pay for products and services

Dana also offers simple ways to send money to another DANA app, or via link or bank accounts.

When it comes to businesses, DANA offers a one-stop solution for all your business needs. With this app, merchants can accept payments at any time, manage flexible money transfers, and create promotions to increase business.

DANA claims to offer the most complete payment solutions, which also include a dashboard for transaction monitoring and financial analytics. Its business-specific QRIS works across multiple digital wallets, and merchants can withdraw money from the business to personal accounts, with all their transaction history available in detail. Business owners can also share payment links on social media to receive payments.

This company also offers EDC and LWB machines, which allow you to receive money without dealing with cash from any digital wallet with the help of DANA QRIS. DANA’s API comes with seamless integration with websites and business applications. Once you connect your platform, your business page will show on DANA’s system.

Besides support for micro businesses, DANA brings comprehensive solutions for enterprises:

  • Bind and pay
  • Guest checkout
  • Mini DANA
  • Disbursement
  • DANA LWB Plus Machine
  • DANA EDC Machine
  • DANA Corporate Static QR

The Bind & Pay feature simplifies payments. It allows customers to log in only once and automatically bind their customer DANA accounts to the merchant’s app. On the other hand, Guest checkout works without users having to bind their DANA accounts.

Mini DANA represents a simplified DANA application, yet it still keeps all key features:

  • Transaction history
  • Saved cards
  • Top up
  • DANA surprise
  • DANA premium
  • Account management
  • Pocket
  • Money transfers

DANA disbursement feature helps merchants to top up customers’ accounts with promotional points or refunds.

When it comes to the LWB Plus payment scanner, it uses the QR code within the DANA app. Merchants can insert the payment amount and let the customer scan the code to pay. This machine comes with a fast 4G connection, a compact design, and flexible positions.

The DANA EDC Machine scans the customer’s DANA QR code to make a payment. It has a DANA For Cashier application that saves transaction history with the proof of payment for 3 days.

Finally, DANA Corporate Static QR brings an easy and flexible payment solution to corporate organizations. With it, merchants can share their static QR codes and accept payments from all major online payment systems that work with QRIS.

How to Start

Starting with DANA payment is straightforward. Head over to the Home page to download the mobile app and create your account. You can also register for free as a business or click the Contact Us button on the Business section to open the WhatsApp chat with DANA’s support.

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