The WLPayments Company was launched as an initiative aimed at bridging the gaps in the payment sector, as observed by Sunil Jhamb, the company’s CEO and Founder. That happened in 2015. Fast forward to 2023, WL Payments has become an award-winning payment product that is widely recognized around the world. WLPayments’ headquarters office is in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. 

What are the WLPayments’ products? 

WLPayments has one distinct payment product that is open to use for all business sizes. This is called the Payment Orchestration Platform; think of it as a tool that puts you in the conductor position, where you get to determine the best way to receive payments. This tool is packed with features that make getting paid effortless for those who use it. It’s worth noting that this product is acquirer-agnostic, which simply means that it’s not restricted to one payment brand. It automatically routes your payments through a payment brand with the highest success rate.

Here are some of its qualities and their benefits:

Intelligent Routing

This feature helps users to determine the best condition for their transactions. It routes payments based on several indices like country/region, bin range, volume/ratio, currency and fee optimization. Take, for example, a client, who is in the US and is about to pay you. The intelligent routing feature automatically directs the payment to an acquiring bank in the US to make it easy for your client. 

3DS Routing

3D authentication is a great way to secure online card transactions. However, it can be a little demanding for some clients. With WLPayments’ Orchestration Platform, you get to choose the best 3DS strategy for each of your transactions.

Regular transaction analytics and reporting

This is the data center for all your transactions. This feature helps you to gain access to regular analytics that will help your business decisions. Even better, you can access this information right on your WLPayments mobile application. You can also share this information via WhatsApp, email, etc. This application works on both iOS and Android devices. 

Chargeback management

Chargeback costs can be somewhat head-aching for merchants, but with the WLPayments product, you can cut them down. The application has a chargeback panel where you can track and avert chargebacks and set standing chargeback rules. 

Automated reconciliation 

This feature helps you hasten the verification phase so there won’t be any drawbacks in the payment process. It also helps you keep an eye on every payment order and see which has been successful and which is pending. 

Innovative ways to pay

The Payment Orchestration Platform also features payment by links and QR codes. These innovative solutions make paying easier, faster, and less stressful.

How to connect to WLPayments’ services

To request a demo or know more about how the WLPayments’ Orchestration platform works;

  • Go to the company’s website at WLpayments.com
  • Click on the ‘Get in touch’ OR ‘Book a demo’ button. This should lead you to an online form where you will provide details about yourself, your company, your contact email, and the content of your message. The company will get back to you on further actions. 

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