When Caleb Avery founded Tilled in 2018, he intended to help marketplaces, SaaS, focus on their main product while still profiting from payments conducted on their platform. This is why Tilled is now becoming one of the popular names among PayFacs; in fact, Tilled dubs itself as a PayFac as a Service company. Tilled’s headquarters office is in Boulder, Colorado. The company’s ethos is rooted in giving freedom to users to be able to control how payments are done on their platforms. 

Why use Tilled? What’s in for you?

Tilled’s product is an API-based software that lets you build using the company’s API to suit your demands. Users also get to customize the product to reflect their brand’s characteristics. Here are the features of Tilled’s products and the gains they bring to your business.

It takes the PCI-Compliance responsibility off you

Tilled’s product is an approved PCI-compliant platform. When users embed Tilled’s product into their system, they don’t have to worry about their servers reading customers’ data because that would warrant getting PCI compliance. The Tilled product covers them in that regard, thereby eliminating whatever cost they have incurred in getting compliance.

Tilled’s Webhooks are at your service

Webhooks are like alert systems built into a website that facilitate interactions between applications. Tilled’s product comes with webhooks that help you get updated on what is going on, on the platform at time. This helps you monitor transactions, get alerted on errors and disputes, and overall, better manage the payment process. 

Tilled handles the checkout for you

An effective checkout system is important for your business to convert clients, and help returning clients remain loyal to your business. Tilled has made a provision for that system, freeing you from the hassles of constantly monitoring if the checkouts are working. 

Measure your performance through Tilled’s reports

Reports help business track their progress as well as know where they need to improve. Tilled’s product generates a report of the performance of your payments system using specific set indicators. These reports are easily downloadable. Users can also set new indicators if they wish to measure specific metrics not captured in the general reports. 

Helps your customers pay for subscriptions effortlessly 

If you run a business, say, for example, a SaaS that functions with a subscription plan, Tilled can help your subscribers stay committed to paying for their subscriptions by automating such payments. Tilled’s payment pages also cater to that need. It’s an already-built template page that can be customized to mirror your brand’s visual identity. 

Keep your customers updated on their card validity

The Tilled platform has a card-account updater feature that automatically helps your customers update their card information to prevent failed transactions as a result of expired cards.

Email alerts

Keep your customers informed about updates on disputes or errors with the Tilled Email notification system. 

How to connect to Tilled’s services

Tilled currently has two plans. The first is for a scaling company. This plan has a 75% revenue share benefit. It costs $2500 per month. It comes with standard commission payouts.  The second plan is a 90% revenue-sharing percentage for enterprises. It costs $10,000 per month with accelerated commission benefits.

To sign up for Tilled’s service, go to the website at Tilled.com. Navigate to the top right and click the ‘Sign up’ button. You can also test the product in its Sandbox environment, but you have to sign up first to be able to log in and explore it.  

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