Built from the backdrop of over 20 years of involvement in e-commerce, IXOPay is one product that combines market experience and innovation. IXOPay was created from IXOLIT, the company’s earlier e-commerce solutions brand, which was formed in 2001. IXOPAY was initially built as a payment tool for the company. It was created in 2014 and launched in 2016. After it launched, the company started getting several requests from other businesses outside IXOLIT who wanted to use it as well. That was how IXOPay became the company’s most popular and commercial product. IXOPAY and IXOLIT would later merge and adopt IXOPAY as the company’s name. IXOPAY is based in Mariahiferstrasse, Vienna. It also has other offices in Austria and Florida, USA.

The benefits of IXOPAY 

IXOPAY’s multiple features make it one of the famous names in the payment orchestration industry. Here are why customers choose IXOPAY:

Smart transaction routing 

The IXOPAY platform is a one-stop place that allows you to get paid from anywhere in the world. To make it more interesting, you get to control the flow of these payments using the smart transaction routing feature to your advantage. You can route transactions through the most suitable bank/acquirer/method per time based on several data like card information, location of the customer, transaction risk level, conversion rate, etc. This feature helps you increase your chances of getting your money and less trouble for your customers. 

Risk management feature

This feature gives room for users to set their transaction red flags to manage risk and prevent fraudulent transactions from going through. These red flags can take on data from the client’s location, transaction history, volume, choice of payment channel, etc. 

PCI-backed card vaulting 

This allows users to save customer’s card information and transaction history securely on the platform independent of their payment providers. These data will come in handy during repeated transactions.

On-the-go transaction reports and tracking

With IXOPAY, users are provided with comprehensive, intelligent reports on transactions. Clients can also customize their reporting panel to measure and provide feedback on certain metrics and indicators. Additionally, these transaction data can be transferred to secondary platforms for additional analysis and interpretation.

Secured payments

IXOPAY’s system can be configured with rules to manage transaction risks. The system notifies you when certain transactions flout your risk management rules, thereby calling your attention for further review before the final approval.

Card updater

The card updater helps your registered clients to keep up with the validity of their cards. This cuts off the situation where your clients will be unable to pay due to expired cards. 

Paying using links

This feature allows you to send a payment link to your customers, making it easier for them to pay after a few clicks or just by scanning a QR code. 

Adaptable with other tools

Various other tools can be integrated into the IXOPAY platform for a more robust use case. These include CRMs, ERPs, different payment methods, e-commerce, etc.

How to start using the IXOPAY’s services

IXOPAY runs a three-tier plan. The first is the starter package, the next is the growth package, and the last is the enterprise package. Their prices are distributed according to the features they offer. To use the packages, go to the plans & pricing page on IXOPAY’s website, and click on the ‘Sign up now’ button under the plans. 

To request a demo of the product, go to IXOPAY.com and click on the ‘Request a demo’ button. Fill in your information, select the subject of your message, and state what you want.


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