Volt-io is a payment platform that intends to build a global infrastructure and create a single gateway for global payments and transactions. This is an unprecedented attempt to transform the market and remove payment barriers in eCommerce. The facility developed the open payments power grid to fuel the system. This is a revolutionary approach that leads to a next generation eCommerce. It actually creates a network of networks. 

Tom Greenwood, Volt-io founder and CEO, developed the key strategy of the platform, moving it forward for global expansion. Previously, he has gained huge expertise at IFX Payments, the company founded by him in 2005. The project became successful and managed to attain multi-billion turnover in European and Middle East countries. The company has offices in London, Krakow, and Amsterdam. 

The platform was created in 2019 when the core strategy was formed. In January, 2020, the seed round was arranged, resulting in a million euros investment from Fuel Ventures. At the time of writing, the system integrated 7 networks, but the coverage already includes over 680 million accounts. 

Volt-io highlights

This is an incredibly simple system based on an elegant tech solution. It targets users who value comfort and convenience and, surely, merchants who want to increase the customer base. The payment system features lightning fast checkouts since the network employs a mobile-optimized user interface and intelligent bank searches.

The main technology employed by the in-house team is the technology of open banking payments or account-to-account payments. It means that there are no intermediaries in this process, and transactions are performed faster. Much attention is paid by the company to real-time payments that are more popular than bank cards. Modern features and technologies create a lightning speed not known before. Combination of such features as API connection to banks, initiation and orchestration of payments, and flawless user checkout experience helps to attain instant speed.

The team of the platform is sure that the future belongs to open banking payment systems, the industry currently estimated at 4 billion USD. The industry is growing at the speed of 2800%. According to calculations, the value of these payments will reach 116 billion USD.  Standardization of payments can solve many problems and expand the market for merchants. 

The platform uses advanced technologies making the most of the latest achievements in the industry. To make all operations real-time, the platform tries to improve API connectivity, and employ a unique payment orchestration model developed by the in-house team. The company presented the whole suite of products aimed to strengthen the operational potential of the platform.  

The payment flows are fully visible by users. The team has made the most of open banking payments. The modular design and customization make the solution 

Benefits of the solution

  • It removes barriers;
  • Optimization of payment flows;
  • It boosts conversion;
  • Automation speeds up the cash flow;
  • Interoperatbility;
  • Connectivity;
  • Use of smart route optimization;
  • Cost-efficiency;
  • Smart fraud prevention;
  • Simple integration;
  • Convenience of single point of access.

How to connect to the system

All potential partners should get in touch with the team and discuss all questions with experts before concluding a partnership. There are different contacts for sales and business partnerships, for PR and press enquiries, and tech support. Customers who hesitate if this option is the right choice, should book a demo and explore its potential. They should fill out the form to book a demo.

 The integration is incredibly easy. It is enough to add several strings of code to implement it in your online store. You should grab some IP credentials to get started. It is needed to pass a KYC procedure to integrate a powerful gateway and start working with the system. 


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