Clearpay Finance Limited began operations in 2019 as the UK’s version of AfterPay. What it does can be likened to a sort of credit system where users can shop online, checkout, and receive the goods but pay in installments. In the case of ClearPay, users pay in four (4) installments due every two weeks and deducted from debit/credit cards or bank accounts. 

AfterPay, Clearpay’s parent company, is quite popular in Australia and New zealand where it has gained a following and client base, especially among young people. Launching ClearPay is a move by AfterPay to spread its services across Europe. ClearPay is based in London.

ClearPay benefits from the reputation of Afterpay, this parent company which has over 19m active customers worldwide. The reason for its popularity isn’t far-fetched. It offers express checkout by eliminating the need for filling lengthy information, powers seamless borderless payments in local currencies and insures itself with an AI-powered transaction audit that safeguards the platform. Find some other advantages of using ClearPay below.

Benefits of using ClearPay’s system

ClearPay operates the same business model as its parent brand, Afterpay. ClearPay serves as a sort of credit provider for users. Here is how it works. ClearPay users buy whatever they want online or in a store and pay over six weeks.

Here are a few perks of using ClearPay:

Interest-free services

Unlike some credit service providers, ClearPay does not charge you anything to use the service. However, failure to pay back at the stipulated dates may attract small fines. ClearPay charges £6 late fee and another £6 a week later.

That said, Clearpay offers various ways to make repayments easier for users. For example, customers can reschedule their repayment dates five days after the initial date. ClearPay also employs other measures such as reminders, and payment failure alerts, to keep customers abreast of their repayment schedules.

Early payment rewards

One of the ways Clearpay incentivizes users who pay on time is by giving Pulse rewards. Pulse reward holders are qualified for certain benefits such as exclusive offers, gift cards, no-initial payment

Unlimited access to Clearpay’s services via its mobile application

ClearPay’s services are only accessible on platforms or online shops that support it. However, users can always get access to Clearpay’s service when they shop on the brand’s online store. The great thing about this store is that it displays products from several partner brands, giving users several alternative products and brands.

Fast and seamless API integration

Clearpay’s services can be integrated into any online platform. Its API comes with plugins of popular e-commerce sites such as Shopify, Woo commerce, Magento, Ecwid, etc. Even better, this integration is optimized for different devices on both mobile and web platforms.

It offers card services for easy electronic payments

ClearPay users can pay for products online with the virtual ClearPay Card works with digital wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

ClearPay is accessible to permanent UK residents who are above 18 years of age and have a permanent home address.  The exclusion to this are those who are residents of the Channel Islands. You can also make use of gift cards, promo codes, and cash to pay for your purchases. 

How to connect

ClearPay’s services are only open to UK residents of legal age. To start enjoying Clearpay’s credit services, you can use its mobile application or website. 

Follow these steps:

  • Download ClearPay’s mobile application from the app store.
  • Alternatively, you can go to ClearPay’s website at Clearpay.co.uk
  • Create an account. All you need for this is a valid email address, phone number, valid UK payment method, and personal information.




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