Moopay is leading the Fintech movement that makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The company has a current valuation of $3.4 billion. Moonpay can be used by both individuals and businesses. Businesses within the cryptocurrency ecosystem can integrate Moonpay’s API in order to facilitate buying and selling of cryptocurrency.  

Moonpay began operations in 2019 and it’s based in the United States. Moonpay’s business strengths include its wide range of supported cryptocurrencies, multiple payment methods, and global reach.

Benefits of using Moonpay’s services

Moonpay extends the payment ability of business platforms to accept crypto as a payment option by allowing individuals to also pay via crypto. This platform stands out by capitalizing on certain features that make for safe and convenient usage. Here are some of the benefits of using Moonpay below:

It supports numerous cryptocurrencies.

Moonpay’s services allow users to buy and sell over 80+ cryptocurrencies. This includes popular names like Bitcoin (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Solana (SOL), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Tether (USDT), and many others. Buying or selling cryptocurrency on Moonpay requires having a valid crypto wallet and an account with Moonpay.

Customer data and privacy are protected.

Moonpay’s platform uses multiple security tools to encrypt data within the network. For example, for data shared during transactions, the site uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) as well as HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for encryption. Residual data are also encrypted with an AES-256 storage encryption and kept in an ISO27001 and other PCI DSS-compliant data storage.

It supports various fiat currencies.

Moonpay allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with conventional currencies. Over 30+ fiat currencies are acceptable on Moonpay. Customers don’t have to convert their money or have foreign accounts to initiate transactions. Some of the currencies accepted on Moonpay include the Canadian Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Naira, Australian Dollar, Franc, Peso, Krone, Koruna, and several others.

It has an international reach.

Moonpay’s services can be accessed by millions of people in over 160+ countries of the world. This wide reach is one of the factors that have popularized Moonpay’s services since it was established in 2019.

Moonpay’s services can be integrated into crypto platforms.

Cryptocurrency adoption is a growing development in many economies of the world. This development has led to the emergence of crypto-aligned startups and platforms. Moonpay offers an integration service that provides seamless crypto transactions on any platform. This integration mirrors all of Moonpay’s service strengths and peculiarities.

It accepts popular payment channels.

Moonpay users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using popular payment methods like cards (VISA, MasterCard), SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), wire transfers, ACH transfers, etc.

How to connect

To start using Moonpay as an individual, take the following steps:

  • Visit the company’s sign-up page at account.moonpay.com
  • Input your email address
  • The system will send a verification code to your mail. Enter the code. Check the agreement/consent boxes and click ‘continue.’
  • Follow further instructions.

For businesses, the process is not as direct. Businesses have to contact the sales team by submitting a request form. To submit a request form, do the following:

  • Go to Moonpay’s website
  •  Switch to the business tab
  • Click on the ‘contact sales’ button.
  • Enter the necessary information and click ‘submit’.









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