VoguePay Payment Gateway

VoguePay stands out as a trusted and streamlined online payment gateway, designed to cater to users whether they operate through a website or not. Recognized in the fintech realm, VoguePay grants its users the elasticity to deal in any currency, supporting a variety of transaction modes like bank transfers, card operations, USSD, and even cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

Highlights of the Platform

Crafted with adaptability in mind, this platform empowers users to modify and address their unique transactional needs. Initiating an account without any charges underscores VoguePay’s dedication to be the preferred secure transaction hub for emerging businesses and SMEs spanning four continents.

Their online portal is rich with integrated functionalities ranging from sales analytics to inventory oversight and compatibility with third-party add-ons. To power its functionalities, VoguePay harnesses over a dozen web-based tools, inclusive of diverse widgets and promotional services.

Defining itself as a novel e-payment bridge, VoguePay is unwavering in its mission to ensure both buyers and sellers experience secure and transparent dealings. With an aim to augment financial outreach and propel SME growth, VoguePay also extends holistic managed solutions and professional services at both domestic and international scales. Their commitment lies in harnessing advanced tech methodologies, guaranteeing meticulous and safeguarded e-payment mechanisms for all stakeholders.

An important aspect to highlight is that, in contrast to some peers in the industry, VoguePay does have initial costs. Starting fees oscillate between N1,500 (accompanied by a corporate commission certification) and N2,500 (with a state-sanctioned identification). Localized operations bear a 1.5% fee, while cross-border transactions are charged at 3.8%. The preliminary phase for integrating with VoguePay varies between 1 to 5 days, devoid of any mandate for a user website presence.

How to Join

To join VoguePay’s payment gateway, begin by navigating to their official website. Once there, locate and click the “Sign Up” or “Register” button, typically found at the top right corner. Depending on your needs, select the appropriate account type from the options available, such as personal, business, or enterprise. Provide all requisite details, including email address, password, and other pertinent personal or business information. Post-registration, expect a verification email; ensure you click the provided link to authenticate your email address. Subsequently, access your VoguePay dashboard to further enhance your profile with any additional information, especially if it’s a business account—this might encompass details like business specifics and banking information. For those with a digital platform, integrate VoguePay. This step generally necessitates embedding specific code or plugins into your website, enabling the acceptance of payments through VoguePay. Familiarize yourself with the platform by perusing any provided documentation or user guides. This will acquaint you with features, transaction management, refunds, and other vital processes. It’s also crucial to be aware of any fees linked with VoguePay’s services. Charges could vary, encompassing transaction fees, monthly dues, or setup costs, contingent on your chosen account type and availed services. Due to security protocols and in adherence to financial regulations, be prepared to provide certain documents for identity verification or business legitimacy confirmation. Once all is configured and your account stands verified, commence with your transactions. Should you face any hurdles or have queries, VoguePay’s customer support remains available, along with a comprehensive FAQ section for quick assistance.


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