Do you run a business that involves constant cash inflows and outflows?

Do you leverage the internet to sell your products? Are you in search of a tool that will take care of your international transfers?  Are you building a financial technology product that is payments-inclined? If any of those questions mirror what you do, you should check out Budpay. 

Budpay is democratising the process of receiving and sending money from one business to another.  It’s also open for peer-to-peer transactions. The platform caters more to the African small and medium business sector via its efficient technology-driven product – needless to say, Budpay was founded to put an end to the hassles of moving money around, especially in small business circles. 

The company kicked off its operations in 2017. It has official representations in the UK, Nigeria, Kenya and China. It operates more from its Nigerian office which also serves as the headquarters. 

What you gain by using Budpay 

Budpay is all about helping the new generation of businesses succeed in a digital economy.  The product however is not only for companies, individuals can also sign up to use the platform. These are the features of Budpay’s product with their benefits. 

Every SME sign-up gets a free online store 

Online stores have revolutionized the ease of starting small businesses. They are cost-effective and operate 24/7/365 as long as the host platform is active. Budpay’s platform allows SMEs to create an e-commerce store in a few minutes. In addition to that, the store owner also enjoys Budpay’s tools for non-stop, smooth payments. 

Conduct card transactions using recognized card brands 

With Budpay, users can engage in card transactions using recognized cards like Visa, Mastercard, etc. Card deals are fast and handy for all kinds of business activities. 

Automatic invoicing

Digital invoicing helps businesses to beat the strenuous paper system of writing invoices. It also eliminates the shortcomings of paper invoicing, thereby cutting off any delays in receiving payments for sold goods or services. 

With Budpay, invoicing is on autopilot – this means the system automatically generates invoices and sends them to your clients as soon as a service is rendered or goods are sold. 

Contactless transactions 

Budpay’s in-store NQR is a functionality that only requires the user to scan a QR code to make a payment. This type of technology makes payments stress-free, and even better, the transaction is completed in split seconds. 

USSD banking 

Budpay’s payment structure takes into account all eventualities and target markets. The USSd banking is especially useful in a region where there are not a lot of smartphone users. The USSD banking ensures that Budpay users can have various means of getting paid in their business.

Electronic wallets 

Budpay’s Fintech offering gives end-users the chance to own mobile wallets from which they can save, spend, and receive money.

Simple API documentation

Fintech companies that want to integrate Budpay’s infrastructure can do so using the brand’s code documentation for integration. This documentation has been simplified for faster development. 

How to connect to Budpay’s services 

  • Go to Budpay’s website and click on the menu button. 
  • Click on ‘register’.  This will lead you to the registration page. 
  •  Fill out your information and click on the ‘Create account button
  •  For further inquiries, contact support or talk to the sales team via email. 
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