Payments Orchestration Platform

One Integration = 200+ Payment Connectors

Enjoy our cutting-edge SaaS payments orchestration platform with multiple connectors to banks available via a single integration.

Approve more transactions

Experience the power of smart routing allowing you to approve up to 20% more transactions and improve your clients’ experience.

Leverage our cascading functionality to grow your conversion ratio by up to 30% by distributing declined transactions between multiple channels.

Smart Routing

Keep Track Of All Fees And Commissions

No more struggles with multiple fees coming your way from an extensive list of payment channels. Utilize our cutting-edge payment calendar to always stay on top of things!

Optimize your payouts

Keep All Data In One Place

Consolidated and easy-to-manipulate data management to keep you in full control over data from various payment channels.

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Types Of Integration

Integration has never been easier. Below are the integration options you have with Akurateco.

Akurateco Platform's Infrastructure

We’ve implemented the latest technology to help you grow your business with our robust and stable payments orchestration platform.

SLA 99,995%

Cloud deployment on own hardware or Amazon AWS

PCI DSS 3.2 certification of the equipment, solutions, and processes

24/7 maintenance of both software and hardware

SMS and DMS payment schemes support

3DS 2.0 support

Dynamic currency conversion

Cost-Effective Time Transaction Flow

Maximize the performance of the key players on your team by using our payments orchestration platform to fully automate the payment flow, better distribute the transaction traffic, and make data-driven business decisions.

Chief Financial Officer

The system reduces the processing costs by saving up employees' time and helps to grow revenue by increasing the number of successful transactions.

Payment Manager

Akurateco allows increasing transaction approval ratio with innovative and state-of-the-art routing, cascading, and decline reason management. We'll also consolidate all of your payments in a single platform.

Support Manager

Improve the quality of customer service you deliver by offering detailed transaction data, automated retry attempts, and an easy-to-use refund system.

Risk Officer

We designed the system to provide the highest level of security. Our flexible anti-fraud module will block all suspicious transactions to prevent any payment system penalties and keep a high conversion ratio.

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