Virtual Pay

Virtual Pay is a company that delivers global payments to users throughout the world. This is one of the leading companies involved in the process of digitization of monetary operations and cash flows in the economy of the world.

The platform designs solutions, encompassing the whole value chain of payments conducted across numerous channels. This is a unique facility due to an extensive suite of services offered to clients. The platform suits different companies since it covers major schemes such as payments via Virtual Pay APIs, using robust payment solutions developed for card payments. 

VirtualPay highlights

The facility offers a convenient mobile solution allowing payments with mobile phones. Numerous options are available for them. The service is supported by popular mobile carriers that include MPESA, Tigo Pesa, airtel money, etc. The platform is fully optimized for mobile payments. For instance, it is possible to pay with NFC technology. Customers can pay via a virtual wallet or a store’s checkout form, entering their card details. The mobile version presents an integrated platform with full functionality. 

The merchant account delivered by the facility is intuitive and easy to use. It gives the possibility to track transactions from acceptance to their settlement. The functionality of the platform is designed to help companies control their revenue streams and keep them safe. 

The platform provides the opportunity to offer alternative payments. It is ready to prepare the custom solution for companies if it is needed. Features available for users include recurring payments, card issuing (debit, credit, virtual, and prepaid cards). There is also Virtual Pay’s eWallet at the disposal of customers. 

VirtualPay offers a proprietary integrated platform for businesses that contributes to management of bookkeeping and payments. It includes everything the company needs in one dashboard. Along with capability to automate financial reconciliation that allows to reconcile disbursements and incoming payments with your bank accounts. It is only needed to update the bank accounts with each reporting period. The team has developed API code for fast integration with the system. The platform provides 5 main sectors for alternative payment integrations: financial services and forex, retailers, hospitality, professionals, and ecommerce. The company is highly reputed for its seamless large-scale transactions.

The website of the platform includes a blog with lots of educational materials on different questions. For instance, it explains how to select the payment processor and shares on optimal payment options allowing to streamline a business model. Users can master fundamentals on merchant payment processing and other important issues. 

The company also cares about in-store payments and offers point-of-sale terminals to users. Businesses can increase sales with VirtualPay smart POS that accept all types of bank cards. Wireless, portable devices have 8-hour battery life to help business owners to accept payments with ease at any time on working days. Settlements are performed within 24 hours. The fee for transactions in VirtualPay terminals varies from 2.8 to 3.3%. Companies can benefit from VirtualPay’s terminals thanks to instant transaction reports,  fast customers’ payments, convenient and secure service. Equipped with pin and chip capabilities for minimal contact and, consequently, better hygiene, they help business owners to save time since they don’t have to spend time depositing cash in the bank. With VirtualPay, volume of sales and impulse purchases increase thanks to the factors mentioned above and below. 

Virtual Pay benefits

  • All operations are fast, accurate and secure; 
  • Full-featured mobile platform;
  • Access to the overview of key metrics;
  • Interactive dashboard;
  • Simple website integration;
  • The capability of using payment link with invoices or SMS;
  • Numerous payment options;
  • Capability of dashboard customization.

How to join the system

Merchants who find the VirtualPay offering attractive can apply to the company via mail, phone, or the contact form you can find on the official website of the platform. You should specify your name, the company’s website, email, and write a message to the team. 



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