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Equity Bank

Equity bank Limited is a Kenya-based facility that started working in 1984. The facility offers standard banking services in diverse African countries of the continent. When the company started working, it specialized in mortgage finances serving poor people of the region who needed help badly. It is worth reminding that numerous people in the region didn’t have access to finances.

The facility declared its technical insolvency in 1993 and transformed into the microfinance company that later became a successful bank with a user base exceeding 14 million people who live in Africa. With an extensive network of branches (190 in Kenya, and 50+ in Nairobi), It has become one of the most reputable institutions in the region. 

Equity Bank highlights

The main priorities for the team working over the functionality of the institution is accessibility, flexibility, and convenience. Looking for partnerships in 6 cluster thematic areas, the bank focuses, particularly, on education and leadership development, health, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, innovation and environment.

The bank empowers its partners to be more efficient and thrive, enjoying the full range of financial services and benefits offered to them. Merchants who become partners increase the sale volume, get better security, and can be sure that all payments are conducted with convenience and satisfaction of customers. 

It is possible to open a personal, SME, or Corporate account depending on requirements. If you run a small business, it is possible to open an Equity current account, Social Institutions account, or an Investment account. Corporate accounts are divided into current, ordinary, social institutions, and investment accounts, which are designed for the different goals of merchants and businesses.  The functionality of the bank also allows it to create Group Accounts to hold the balances of the group members. The bank also released the EazzyChama platform that allows users to manage their group and Chama account activities jointly. It is also possible to keep financial records and perform transactions with full transparency in the group, so that other members of the group could track transactions with ease. 

The partnership with Equity Bank also gives the chance of complimentary inclusion of the company on the American Express Selects Program and get access, in this way, to free marketing on a global scale since it’s possible to reach AMEX cardholders from more than 120 countries. Apart from AMEX, POS terminals accept VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, Maestro, Japan Credit Bureau, and Diners Club. 

It is also possible to become an Equity agent for companies located in the same area and working more than a year. It is enough to show valid business permits and current statements for the last 6 months to start cooperation. Equity agents should be highly reputed and have high moral standing. 

How to connect to the system

Merchants should get in touch with the support team to discuss the term in detail. Equity bank fees depend on the type of account. The detailed pdf-document with fees can be found on a special page of the official website. Merchants can explore the rates there. 


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