DusuPay is a payment platform that was created by the Uganda-headquartered company DusuPay Limited. The platform was established in 2014. With time, the company has taken the leading place in the industry of its region. This is a good option for companies trying to expand their geography and sell their products to African customers. The platform is supported by more than 2000 businesses from different countries. At the time of writing, the platform has already processed 100 million pounds of customers’ funds.

When the company was launched, its founders tried to find the method, allowing consumers to deposit money fast and without fuss. Dusu Pay was presented as an online brokerage system at that time. The team of the company encountered problems, since there was no required payment infrastructure to provide what was needed for them. As a result, they decided to hire developers and create proprietary software for such tasks. Initially, they pursued the goal to provide their own business with a proper solution. However, with time, it evolved into a B2B business that helps other companies gain access to the African market.

DusuPay highlights

The company is trusted by large corporations that need payment processing in Africa. The variety of options that entered the assortment include payment methods, which are widespread in the African region.

Operating in more than 50 countries of the world, the platform was designed to support many currencies. Customers using the platform can employ local payment methods, including mobile money. Also, international payment methods, such as Mastercard, Verve, and VISA are also available for them.

The platform is easily customized to the needs of customers. The infrastructure features an API that alleviates work with the system. Simple API integrations help the facility to deliver the best possible customer experience.

The team of the company also developed the solution that is known as DusuPay Octopus. It can be chosen by crypto currency and money remittance companies that need to pay out funds to its African customers. The affordability of rates makes the platform very popular.

DusuPay gateway has become a focal point for many merchants who manage their businesses using the platform. Merchants need to open an account to conduct business through DusuPay. The platform enables two portals for smooth work with the system. Sandbox is used to fulfill integration tests and monitor the process before launching the product or service. When this phase is over, merchants should integrate Live portal for live payments and further work with the system. The migration of Sandbox to Live portal is easy. It is enough just to modify settings – enter different application keys and API endpoints.

Most mobile money payouts are instant. There are no lags in 90% of cases. The lags depend on the speed of the service provider or an operator that enables payouts. Usually, the transactions take a day, for instance, in Nigeria. However, transactions can take from 2 up to 4 days in some countries of South Africa.

The platform has also developed a plugin for Woocommerce that provides smooth integration with the system.

How to connect to the system

Merchants should submit the form offered on the official website. All applicants should pass the email verification, confirming the verification code sent to them during registration. Then merchants automatically get access to their accounts

Merchants should register on the developer sandbox and conduct integration tests, as was mentioned above, before their full-fledged activity.


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