Valitor is an Iceland-based company that provides a range of merchant services, including payment gateway solutions, card issuance, and acquiring. It was established by banks in 1983.

The company partners with Visa and Mastercard, so it delivers online and e-commerce solutions to customers worldwide. It is possible to integrate various payment networks and technologies under one roof with this service provider and increase the volume of sales since the service supports over 100 countries.

The company was chosen as one of only six companies authorized to provide services for ApplePay in Europe. In 2017, the company expanded its reach by acquiring Chip&PIN Solutions. In 2021, the company was acquired by Rapyd, a FAAS provider with a global reach. The amount of the deal is $100 million. The acquisition was driven by Rapyd’s desire to strengthen its payment capabilities across Europe and expand its issuing portfolio. So, the company has a different trademark now and is referred to as Rapyd.

The platform’s highlights

Merchants using the service of this company can grow their sales due to integration of popular payment networks of the world within one platform. It is possible to accept payments in more than 100 hundreds. It allows customers to issue cards in over 30 countries of the world and get payments into virtual accounts from more than 40 countries. The platform employs a global payment API to scale your enterprise and open new markets for your products and services. It’s enough to integrate one API to get access to numerous markets worldwide. The company uses the product with responsive webhooks unleashing innovation, since it allows you to build your own solution, returning a REST response to all messages. It is possible to create a perfect solution to meet your demands using the cloud infrastructure and microservices architecture.

To safeguard its clients, the company uses Rapyd Protect, which is a fraud management solution developed by the company that can help businesses minimize losses due to fraudulent transactions. It helps businesses mitigate fraud risk by using advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze transaction data in real-time and identify suspicious activity. The solution also offers customizable rules to help businesses set up their fraud management system according to their specific needs.  

The platform allows businesses to offer their customers the flexibility to pay using their preferred method. It also provides local payment options to ensure that businesses can cater to the payment preferences of their customers. In this way, businesses can easily accept payments globally in a way that works for them, helping them to grow their business and increase their customer base. As the official website states, the results are stunning, for instance a 196% ROI within 36 months, a 70% reduction in manual efforts managing payments, and 2.5 million USD in savings from reduced transaction and foreign exchange fees. These benefits can help businesses increase their revenue, streamline their payment processes, and reduce costs.


The company charges 1.2% and 0,25 EUR per transaction when it processes European cards.

The fees for European businesses are 1.2% of the transaction amount plus €0.25 for payments made with cards issued in Europe. For other payment types and cards, the fee is 2.9% of the transaction amount plus €0.30.

The company allows customers to pay with cash, cards, ewallets, and bank transfers. It is also possible to accept payments worldwide, but foreign exchange fees may apply depending on the currency used.

How to join the system

Merchants can join the payment system by creating an account on the Rapyd official website and completing the verification process. To integrate the service, applicants should contact the team first.

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