NuaPay is the payment platform with a huge experience in the sphere. The company headquartered in Ireland acts as a pioneer in Open Banking that offers account-to-account payments. It also has branches in different countries of Europe: in London, Brussels, and Paris.

The innovative approach to business helped the facility to take the leading position in this niche in the market. The company handles billions of dollars, serving merchants, large and small businesses. According to the data of the official website, the company processes over £40 billion annually on average, serving payment service providers, banks, and leading companies. 

The solution offered by NuaPay is the best way of getting paid as the platform assures. It is possible to elevate payments to provide seamless and fast bank transfers with this system. It uses next-gen payments to meet the demands of customers. Merchants get the opportunity to pay and receive payments using award-winning Open Banking and Account-2-Account payments. With changes in the payments market and pressure exerted on payment service providers this is an excellent solution. 

NuaPay highlights

The team has developed an innovative payment method that allows them to get paid securely. The payments are fast and seamless. The option presupposes instant bank transfer at lower cost. A new method doesn’t involve dependence of the system on card payments since customers pay directly from their bank account. Data entry is not required when the solution is used. It is worth mentioning the benefits of open banking that include the possibility to use such features as recurring payments, refunds, complete reconciliations, and installment plans. It makes the solution stand out from the rest available in the market. The payment method is SCA compliant, which lowers the probability of fraud. 

It’s worth noting the flexibility of the offer since it a white label solution for clients, which want to get more from the platform. It refers, for instance, to the development of the brand to improve the recognition of the trademark. The full set of payments are powered by the system so you can easily get paid regardless of your clients’ location. 

The company offers a solution that is easily integrated to different systems and APIs. It is also easily customizable and convenient to use. 

There is a solution for mobile users who can initiate payments via a mobile banking app or a banking webportal. The procedure is performed in just the same way as usual bank transfers, but it is done immediately thanks to the use of the real-time banking rails. 

The quality and unique character of the service was confirmed when it was announced the award winner at the Fintech and Payments Future Digital Awards in 2022. The annual event is organized by Juniper Research, the company that analyzes the markets, looking for innovative services and products driving the whole payment industry and then gives recognition to the most impactful of them. The Nuapay platform was awarded for its two basic components that include Open Banking e-Mandates solution that works perfectly with a direct debit platform created on the basis of the industry-leading API.

The products of the company include:

  • Open banking payments which are faster, more secure and cost-efficient.
  • Direct debits with real time APIs to handle all complexities of the feature with ease.
  • Multi-layer accounts allowing to pay and to collect payments from customers.
  • Fast and seamless payouts. 

Benefits of Nuapay

  • Simple integration;
  • Real-time payments;
  • Simple customer checkout;
  • Capability to use the installment plans;
  • One-click recurring payments;
  • Global coverage.

How to connect to the system

You can get in touch with the team through the contact form, provided on the official website of the platform. You can fill out the form and submit it for consideration. 



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